The Value of LinkedIn now and the Future

We must consider the Value of LinkedIn as becoming real over time, not just now, but in the future as well.

The Value of LinkedIn Now and in the Future

Here are the numbers as of 2015 Q3:

  • 400M LinkedIn Members world wide
  • 122M LinkedIn Members in the US
  • 320M – US population
  • 246M people >18+ yrs old in the US
  • 99.7M Full time employees in the US
  • 49.59% US adults have a LinkedIn account
  • 25% of LinkedIn Members are active using LinkedIn

This calculates out to:
30,500,000 (12.4%) US Adults are active on LinkedIn today. Yes, the definition of active according to LinkedIn is ‘accessing LinkedIn at least once a month.’

These numbers stir up this question and an observation:

The question: Are there enough business professionals using LinkedIn to justify our investment in this business tool?

If we are using LinkedIn only to connect directly with our target customer, these numbers could be too low to justify investing a lot of time using LinkedIn.

I am an active LinkedIn Member. Likely far more active than most LinkedIn Members. However, I do not consider LinkedIn as my only business tool to grow my business.

I actively use LinkedIn and other social media tools as well as my telephone and email to compliment my IRL (in real life) marketing, networking and prospecting activities.

I consider LinkedIn as one of the many tools I use to grow and maintain my business.

Beyond LinkedIn’s marketing and branding value, it’s a powerful conduit to knowledge, resources, connections and business opportunities.

A carpenter does not just use a hammer.

A painter does not just use a paint brush.

A chef does not just use an oven.

A business professional does not just use LinkedIn.

Use your entire tool box of business tools.

My observation: LinkedIn is not quite 13 years old and is the undisputed world’s largest and fastest growing professional networking site with only 400M members today.

If today you have a well designed professional LinkedIn profile, a growing and meaningful LinkedIn network, as well as a strong positive reputation on LinkedIn, you are poised well to be discovered by new LinkedIn members.

The Value of LinkedIn is mostly in the future, not today.

Don’t use LinkedIn just for today, rather use it also for tomorrow.

Continue to refine your LinkedIn Profile, grow your LinkedIn Network and develop an even stronger and more deliberate Professional Reputation using LinkedIn. The rewards are yet to come.

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