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LinkedIn SEO – It works if you do

LinkedIn SEO works if you do the work first. It takes time and a serious effort. Put in the time and effort.

LinkedIn SEO It’s real and can work if you know how & where to do it.

Follow these four steps and you can get LinkedIn SEO to work for you:
#1 – Know what Keywords to use in your LinkedIn Profile
Too often we want to use the words that we think of when we look at ourselves. Wrong answer. Use the words that your best client, prospect, hiring manager or recruiter thinks of someone like you. Find 4-5 solid Keywords that represent your personal/professional brand.
How do you figure this out?
Ask your client, ask the hiring manager, look at the marketing content your biggest competitor uses, do some research, use Google Adwords tools, look at well written job descriptions. Bottom line, do what it takes to find out what these keywords.
#2 – Know where and how to put these Keywords in your LinkedIn Profile
From my own experiences, currently there are 15 fields in LinkedIn Profiles where you should use your Primary Keywords.
  1. Headline
  2. Summary
  3. Current Title
  4. Current Job Description
  5. Past Title(s)
  6. Past Job Description(s)
  7. Publications
  8. Organizations
  9. Recommendations
  10. Volunteer
  11. Projects
  12. Education
  13. LinkedIn Skills
  14. Interest
  15. Advice for Contacting {you}
When you put your keywords in these fields, use ‘appropriate sentence structures.’ You can list these keywords in your Summary Field, but be careful not to diminish your written story for the sake of a big list of keywords.
#3 – Be Active on LinkedIn
Having a Keyword Rich LinkedIn profile, by itself is not enough. You will need to regularly add new LinkedIn connections, contribute new content (share) and collaborate on existing content (comment). Invest your time wisely. Commit to a level of activity that is sustainable for you.
#4 – Test your Keyword Strength
I have four tests I use regularly to make sure my LinkedIn Profile is appropriately built with my top keywords
  1. Continue to do research on what keywords are important as my industry changes.
  2. Do a LInkedIn search on my PRIMARY Keyword(s) and Region. Am I still the #1 Result?
  3. Do a Google Search on my PRIMARY Keyword(s) and Region. Am I still the #1 Result?
  4. Copy & Paste my entire LinkedIn Profile into and build a new Word Cloud.

I love LinkedIn SEO

LinkedIn SEO works if your profile is built properly and you regularly engage on LinkedIn in meaningful ways. For me, I get found in LinkedIn Search and Google Search every week by someone who needs me. You too can be found, if you invest time in your own LinkedIn SEO efforts.
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