Humans Using LinkedIn

Previous Shows:

Jane Lehman and Theresa Raines – 10/16/23

Todd Davis and Jeff Borschowa – 10/2/23

Ginger Edwards and Greg Frick – 9/18/23

This series of YouTube videos is designed to celebrate real people who use LinkedIn and want to share their tips, best practices, tricks, etc. that create value for them and that could be useful to you.

These are not LinkedIn Experts, Gurus, Trainers, etc. Rather good people who use LinkedIn every day who have learned or created a process that could be useful to you and/or others.

I am still building the program out, but today it looks like this:

I, (Teddy Burriss) with 2 Humans Using LinkedIn in up to a 30-minute conversation about their ideas regarding using LinkedIn as a Business Tool. There will be no screen sharing, rather just the 3 of us in a conversation.

We will record the show and upload it to YouTube before we share it on LinkedIn and other social media channels, as well as to this blog.

I ask that if you see any of the shows, please share your ideas in the video comments and if you have an idea of your own, please contact me. You may be another one of our Humans Using LinkedIn Special Guests.

Here is the Trailer video:

Show Trailer