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Teddy Burriss, a partner at Burriss Consulting, Inc. enjoys sharing the best practices, tips, and tricks associated with creating business value using LinkedIn as well as other social media platforms.

Burriss Consulting, Inc. has been delivering customized training programs focused on using social networking tools for business growth and success since 2009.  Based in the Triad area of North Carolina we serve clients across the globe through workshops, seminars, webinars, corporate training programs and 1:1 coaching.

Burriss Consulting is a niche consulting firm providing unique and fully customized social networking training that focus on and meet your business and/or individual needs.

Burriss Consulting’s clients across all industry segments; legal, distribution, manufacturing, financial, medical, non-profit, universities, community colleges, etc.

Burriss Consulting is the publisher of numerous books focused on networking and the use of social media tools.


Teddy Burriss’ career has extended across many industries and business roles. His experiences in technology, business development, talent development, and sales/marketing provide Teddy with diverse perspectives he uses in his speeches, training, coaching and professional development programs.

Teddy’s experiences as a Toastmaster, Dale Carnegie Graduate Coach, graduate of Sandler Sales Training, DDI Certified Facilitator and as a Certified Social Media Strategist bring even more diverse skills and experiences to the work Teddy delivers to his clients.

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