LinkedIn Coaching

“Coaching is the investment we make that moves us from “we know” to “we do“. ~ @TLBurriss

In one month of working with Teddy Burriss, you’ll begin to achieve your professional and personal goals using LinkedIn as a Business Tool.

LinkedIn Training and Coaching by Teddy Burriss
The Key to your success is using LinkedIn as a business tool.

Teddy’s creative style of training & coaching has enabled me to have confidence in building my own personal/ business profile to be Transparent, Relevant, Useful, Honest, and Engaging. (TRUHE).”

Veronica B.

“Teddy has coached me on changes to my LinkedIn Profile and other areas of LinkedIn. His sole interest or purpose is to train you on how to grow your business. If you need help in this area, Teddy is the LinkedIn Professional to call.

Minnie A.

“Teddy’s professional expertise, knowledge, understanding, compassion, advice, creativity, humor, and guidance made my experience a welcomed one. His verbal input, follow-up email, written correspondence and his processes were easy to follow and I accomplished what I needed to accomplish.”

Marge A

“ In Teddy’s strategy and teaching, he focuses on both the personal as well as the technology. Teddy’s methods are not only logical, they actually work!”

Michael K.

“Teddy Burriss is the “guru” of LinkedIn and an excellent coach who gives you lots of valuable advice about your particular background and how to best market yourself on LinkedIn.“

Mary O.

“Need to better understand the proper way to use LinkedIn to help strengthen your business? If so, I highly recommend attending LinkedIn, training, and coaching sessions by Teddy Burriss.

Steve M.

“Teddy gives exuberant, fun, and information filled courses. He makes LinkedIn fun and helps dispel all your worries about putting up a profile. 


“If you are looking to master LinkedIn you need to connect with Teddy Burriss! There is so much that LinkedIn can do for you professionally and personally and he is the mastermind to show you what, when, where, and how to make it happen!

Rita B.

If you are ready to learn principles that can provide business results from LinkedIn and develop your value statement, connect with Teddy today, and get involved in his next course!


“Teddy instructed us on key elements to spend time on in a profile, including examples of keywords, to build valuable connections in the network. He was a patient and knowledgeable guide on the technical aspects of LinkedIn and fully answered questions.”


“Teddy is a master level social media marketer and networker. He practices what he preaches! I am so happy I have stayed connected with Teddy because I constantly learn from him.”


“By using Teddy’s BCI-Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile and the Worksheet, my LinkedIn profile went from novice to professional.”

Tammy C.

In this month of customized 1:1 Coaching sessions with Teddy Burriss, you’ll learn:

  • How to present “Who Am I” and ‘How I help my Most Important Viewer‘ on LinkedIn.
  • How to build a Bold & Proud LinkedIn Profile Presence speaking clearly to your target audience.
  • How to consistently grow a LinkedIn Network of your target audience, their influencers, and other LinkedIn Members relevant to your business and goals.
  • How to develop a powerful, trusting, and respected reputation and professional brand on LinkedIn.
  • How to begin integrating LinkedIn into your prospecting and other relevant business processes.
  • How to use LinkedIn to build your pipeline and grow your business.
Teddy Burriss - LinkedIn Strategist, Trainer & Coach providing LinkedIn Training - 1:1 Coaching
Your Pipeline and Business growing by using LinkedIn as a business tool.

Are you ready to use LinkedIn as a business tool and get found, respected, competitive?

Are you ready to stop cold calling relentlessly and become more successful?

LinkedIn Training and Coaching

Who is Teddy Burriss?

Teddy Burriss is a LinkedIn Expert, Certified Social Media Strategist, Sandler Sales Trained Professional, and author who teaches professionals how to maximize their professional potential using LinkedIn as a Business Tool.

Teddy has been using LinkedIn as a Business Tool since 2009 and knows what works (and what doesn’t work) when using LinkedIn to develop business relationships, conversations, opportunities, and results. Teddy has published two successful books: Networking for Mutual Benefit and Success Using Social Media, as well as 5 highly valued eBooks on the topic of using LinkedIn as a business tool. 

Teddy has trained 1000’s of successful business professionals on the principles, tactics, and best practices of using LinkedIn as a business tool.

Can you imagine never cold-calling again?

Really, you can do this once you begin using LinkedIn effectively as a business tool, consistently following Teddy’s best practices, experiences, and research.

Everything Teddy does on LinkedIn focuses on his business goals. He can help you do the same thing and by doing so, you become more successful in your role and business.

LinkedIn Training and Coaching

For your investment of $700, you’ll receive:

  • Four weekly coaching sessions.
  • Access to Teddy Burriss via LinkedIn message when you have a question or concern.
  • Focused on LinkedIn and/or Sales Navigator
  • 3 LinkedIn ebooks (Presence, Network, Reputation)
  • Digital copies of Teddy’s books Networking for Mutual Benefit and Success Using Social Media.

We use Zoom or meet in real life (as permitting). Zoom sessions are recorded for your use.

During these sessions, we will coach you through the steps needed to create real business success using LinkedIn as a business tool. From the first session, you will get huge value from these sessions.

Click below to reserve your space and let’s get started with your first session.

Notice - This is a commitment of 4 sessions in one month. No refunds and you must commit to a session each week for the four weeks.