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LinkedIn Coaching for Business Professionals

Build your online presence, grow your network, begin engaging, and start prospecting like a pro and/or an expert.

Learn to use LinkedIn in ways you’ve never imagined to generate the best leads, find your next great job, and/or connect with your industry influencers.

Become a LinkedIn Expert
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“Whether in a business development or sales executive role, after one month of working with Teddy Burriss, you’ll begin to use LinkedIn as a Business Tool and achieving your business goals.”

Business Development Professional

Sign up today for LinkedIn Coaching to develop the following important skills & understandings for using LinkedIn as a Business Tool:

  • Creating clarity on who is your target audience & their Influencers (the Humans).
  • Build your highly focused Keywords & Phrases that resonate with your target audience.
  • Develop an understanding and the tactics needed to build a highly focused LinkedIn Profile.
  • Learn the best practices and steps for building a highly relevant LinkedIn Network.
  • Understand what you will do with this growing LinkedIn Network
  • Develop the skills and experiences needed to effectively engage on content on LinkedIn.
  • Build an understanding of what types of content you should as well as what you should not share on LinkedIn relevant to your goals.
  • If Sales Navigator is important to you, we will guide you on developing skills related to Sales Navigator Search, List Management, Lead/Account Management, Inmail & Invite tactics, and social listening skills.

This $1200 USD virtual coaching program consists of four 1-hour sessions and up to 1 month of access to Teddy Burriss via email, LinkedIn message, or Text to ask any relevant question.

I will guide you to maximize your use of LinkedIn as a Business Tool and to become more successful in your role.

I record the sessions for you and provide a broad set of course content material, as needed for your own personalized coaching program.

Again, during the program, you are encouraged to message me as needed for additional support, so you can achieve a greater level of success.

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Unless we decide to adjust this schedule for your needs, the order of the sessions is:

  1. Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile.
  2. Building a highly relevant LinkedIn Network.
  3. Building a professional brand through engagement & content sharing.
  4. Using Sales Navigator for prospecting and social listening.

Do you want to stop cold calling relentlessly and become more successful from your use of LinkedIn as a Business Tool?

Are you ready to grow your pipeline and increase your commission checks?

Let me help you master using LinkedIn as a Business Tool to achieve this goal.

Who is Teddy Burriss?

Teddy Burriss is a LinkedIn Expert, Certified Social Media Strategist, Sandler Sales Trained Professional and author who teaches professionals how to maximize their professional potential using LinkedIn as a Business Tool.

Teddy has been using LinkedIn as a Business Tool since 2009 and knows what works (and what doesn’t work) when using LinkedIn to develop business relationships, conversations, opportunities, and results. Teddy has published two successful books: Networking for Mutual Benefit and Success Using Social Media, as well as 5 highly valued eBooks on the topic of using LinkedIn as a business tool. 

Teddy has trained thousands of successful business professionals on the principles, tactics, and best practices of using LinkedIn as a business tool.

Can you imagine never cold-calling again? Really, you can do this once you begin using LinkedIn effectively as a business tool, consistently following Teddy’s best practices, experiences, and research.

Everything Teddy does on LinkedIn focuses on his business goals. He can help you do the same thing and by doing so, you will become more successful in your role and business.

Become a LinkedIn Expert
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