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How to Get LinkedIn Recommendations

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LinkedIn recommendations

Yes, some consider them better than silver and gold.

LinkedIn Recommendations are the new testimonials or reference letters. They are beneficial not only in career transition but also as a form of validation from peers for business opportunities.

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LinkedIn Skills Section

LinkedIn Skills & Endorsements

LinkedIn can help you be discovered for your professional ability and by recruiters if you are in career transition. The Skills section of your LinkedIn Profile is where you list all of your business skills.


Be accessible through LinkedIn

“Being accessible through LinkedIn is as important as being discovered on LinkedIn, being perceived as an authority in your space and becoming trusted through your content on LinkedIn.” @TLBurriss

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Do You Know Your SSI Score

A few years ago LinkedIn created a new marketing application for selling Sales Navigator. This marketing app isĀ a great tool to measure how well you are usingĀ LinkedIn as a Business tool.

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Adding Rich Media to LinkedIn Profile

Rich Media on your LinkedIn Profile

Adding Rich Media, Images, Youtube Videos, InfoGraphics, PDFs, Presentations, etc can be a great way to help your LinkedIn Network and to present yourself as an authority in the industry you work in.