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Do You Know Your SSI Score

Your LinkedIn SSI Score is a measure of how well you are using LinkedIn as a business tool. Have you reviewed and worked on your SSI Score lately?

A few years ago LinkedIn created a new marketing application for selling Sales Navigator. This marketing app is a great tool to measure how well you are using LinkedIn as a Business tool.

It’s called Social Selling Index.

There are 4 components that make up your SSI Score on LinkedIn.

Establishing your Professional Brand

There are five primary ways to increase your Professional Brand on LinkedIn

  1. Build a keyword rich LinkedIn Profile focused on who you are and what you do for your customer.
  2. Add rich media to your LinkedIn highlighting what you do.
  3. Ask for and add relevant recommendations to your LinkedIn Profile
  4. Share and Engage on relevant content within LinkedIn.
  5. Even getting Endorsements adds to your professional Reputation on LinkedIn.

Find the Right People

There are five primary ways to Find the Right People on LinkedIn:

  1. Invest time using LinkedIn Search.
  2. Search for 2nd Level connections and ask for introductions from your 1st level (outside of LinkedIn)
  3. Search for Companies you want to know more about, find the people you want to connect with within those companies.
  4. Review who has Viewed your Profile. Find those you want to connect with.
  5. Make at least one new LinkedIn Connection every day.

Engage with Insights

There are five primary ways to Engage with Insights:

  1. Scan the Newsfeed and find conversation worthy content to engage on (Like, Comment, Share)
  2. Post content from outside of LinkedIn that can be helpful and/or interesting to your LinkedIn Network.
  3. Share industry relevant content on the Newsfeed (home page), LinkedIn Groups and even your LinkedIn Company page
  4. Engage in meaningful conversations on content relevant to you and your customers.
  5. Read relevant and interesting posts in order to stay aware of trends and industry insights so that you can then share these ideas forward in your conversations.

Build Relationships

There are six primary ways to Build Relationships on LinkedIn:

  1. Send LinkedIn Invitations out to your Most Important Viewer (target Audience)
  2. Invite industry influencers and even influencers of your Most Important Viewer to connect
  3. Accept invitations from people who are relevant to you broadly.
  4. Connect widely and deeply all around your Most Important Viewer
  5. Engage immediately with your LinkedIn Connections to find ways to get into a conversation with them, about them.
  6. Lead with Give. You’ll get the chance to ask for help as you develop the relationship.

The LinkedIn Social Selling score is an advertisement for Sales Navigator, however it’s also a powerful way to measure if you are using LinkedIn as a business tool.

Record your SSI Score. If you like, record it here – SSI Score Review. After you get started building your profile, growing your network and engaging with purpose, come back and look at it to see how you are doing. Remember, it’s a journey, not a race. Put in the efforts and your score will improve, so will the results you get from using LinkedIn as a business tool.

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