Master Webinar & Virtual Presentation Tools NOW!

As we try to figure out how to navigate through this pandemic (#COVID-19) virtual communication tools will become very important for us and our customers/prospects/clients, etc.

A few I believe may be very important to master include:

And, I’m sure there are many other options for remote/virtual communications tools we could be using during this pandemic.

What are you doing now to become familiar with these tools?

Have you researched what your clients/prospects etc are using?

I love using Zoom for my webinars and global conversations. I use Skype, Slack, Evernote & Google Docs every day. Many of my clients use these tools as well.

Virtual conversations through these tools is not new. They may be tools you have not considered or thought you needed.

Here is an offer. If you want to experiment with these tools, let me know. I will gladly help any business who wants to start experimenting and then using these tools.

I wish you all the best as you navigate this pandemic


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