Requesting LinkedIn Introductions

Requesting LinkedIn Introductions via email is the best way to get the introduction. It lets you control the process and get the best possible result.

A better way of Requesting LinkedIn Introductions

Remember rule #1 of using LinkedIn used to be; Never send a LinkedIn connection to someone you do not know.

The way to get past this rule is to request a LinkedIn Introduction.

Requesting LinkedIn Introductions is important as you grow your own network.

I want the person introducing me to have a good relationship with me and the person I want to connect with.

Here is my process for Requesting LinkedIn Introductions

  1. Find a mutual connection that you have a great relationship with.
  2. Either call or email your connection and ask:
    • Do you know this person I want to connect with very well?
    • Is this person someone you think I should connect with?
    • If so, please send this person an email. Copy me on the message and introduce me to this person regarding (what you do).
    • If you do not know this person well, then please do nothing.

The Benefit of this type of an introduction is that it’s far more personal (even if via email), it lets you manage the process better and if done properly it will get you the person’s email address.

Once you receive the email, wait a day or so for a reply from the future connection and then follow up with your own email.

Please remember these tips regarding  Requesting a LinkedIn connections

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