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LinkedIn is filled with lots of people who not only don’t know how to use LinkedIn, but also won’t use it properly. Please don’t be that person.

Here is the text of the LinkedIn messaging I had with this SPAM/FAKE LinkedIn account.

After the last message I reported the profile as inappropriate.


On 09/26/14 8:34 AM, anita ashbell wrote: 
I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.
– anita ashbell

On 09/26/14 10:05 AM, Teddy Burriss wrote: 
Hello Anita. I love connecting with good people around the globe.
Not having met, I like to know what I can do to assist you before we connect.
Teddy Burriss

On 09/26/14 11:37 AM, anita ashbell wrote: 
Hi Sir teddy nice to hear from u i hope u are doing great as me here

On 09/26/14 11:38 AM, Teddy Burriss wrote: 
Thanks for the reply Anita.
Please respond to this question, “What can i do to assist you?”

On 09/26/14 11:40 AM, anita ashbell wrote: 
we can Skype

On 09/26/14 11:43 AM, Teddy Burriss wrote: 
Great idea anita – what about?

On 09/26/14 11:44 AM, anita ashbell wrote: 
i ma looking for honest friendship

On 09/26/14 11:46 AM, Teddy Burriss wrote: 
That’s fabulous Anita.
I’m looking for a dim witted & foolish person to scrape mud off the bottom of my shoes. Apparently I found him/her.
When can you get started?

On 09/26/14 11:44 AM, anita ashbell wrote: 
I am online now give me a request
skype id online now anitaxxx.ashbellxxx
On 09/26/14 2:50 PM, Teddy Burriss wrote: 
As soon as you can, get over here. I need you to sweep the driveway, wash the car & feed my alligators. Bring your gloves, there may be briars in the back woods that need to be cut back.
Looking forward to it – Fool

The engagement ended here. I reported the LinkedIn member as SPAMMER

Update – as of 9/22/18 this profile still exists on LinkedIn.

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