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LinkedIn SEO – It’s real and it works

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile with the right keywords, in the right places and you can be found in LinkedIn and Google Searches. This is what I call deliberate SEO.

LinkedIn SEO – it’s the web magic that can get you found on LinkedIn.

Of course SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is not magic. It’s the deliberate use of the right words, in the right place, so that your web page get’s found by the people who are searching for these words. And, your LinkedIn Profile is a web page that needs to be optimized to be found.

If you optimize your LinkedIn Profile properly it can show up near, if not at, the top, in at least two different and important search results.

LinkedIn Search and Google Search, (OK, Bing, Yahoo & the other too).

The LinkedIn search engine is very powerful. LinkedIn may not tell us how the search algorithms work, but if you experiment with it a little bit you can figure out the eleven sections of LinkedIn that the search engine looks in. Try it.

Login to LinkedIn and type this phrase in the search box, Social Media coach Winston-Salem NC

As of August 10, 2014 there was only one profile before mine in these search results. Click on my profile and view it. Look at each section where there are words highlighted in yellow.

  1. Headline
  2. Summary Section
  3. Experience Titles
  4. Experience Job Descriptions
  5. Publication Titles
  6. Publication Descriptions
  7. Certificate Titles
  8. Volunteer Titles
  9. Volunteer Descriptions
  10. Additional Information
  11. Recommendations

Do a Google Search for “Social Media coach” Winston-Salem NC. Tonight I did this search and five of my profile pages showed up on the first page of results.

This is LinkedIn SEO Magic, I mean deliberate placement of the right keywords, in the right places.

LinkedIn SEO

Have you optimized your LinkedIn Profile so that you can be found for who you are and what you do?

Let me know if I can help you with this. Visit LinkedIn Profile Coaching if you want some help.

Or let’s talk  – or 336-283-6121


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