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Learn to use LinkedIn Properly - it's a Business Tool

Does YOUR LinkedIn Profile represent you?

Linked In TrainingBuild a Professional LinkedIn Profile so you stand out on the internet.

If your profile is not built right, it’s nothing more than driftwood and a waste of time and space.

I know, I’ve coached thousands of people on how to make their profile work for them and they all have gotten value from building a great LinkedIn Profile.

You can too!

Don’t ignore your profile or think, “It does not matter.”

A well-built LinkedIn Profile does matter! This is the business tool people use to quickly figure out who you are. There are two primary styles of LinkedIn Profiles. You need to know which one to use and how to build it. Otherwise you’ll be the owner of a driftwood LinkedIn Profile. Once I learned how to use LinkedIn properly, by business started to grow significantly. The Professionals I coach are discovered quicker and develop new business opportunities because their profile is deliberate and clear.

And – for a short time I am making the $250 coaching session available to at a discount.

Let us help you build your LinkedIn Profile

$250 Value

$150 for visitors to this page

teddyBurrissNot sure if this is for you?

How has your business grown over the years? If you say referrals, then LinkedIn is for you.

How often is your LinkedIn Profile viewed each week? Could more views increase an opportunity for someone to reach out to you? (it is YES for me)

When another business professional sees your profile, do they clearly know who you are and what you do?

Unless your LinkedIn Profile is helping you grow your business today, you need my help.

Let us help you build your Professional LinkedIn Profile

$250 Value

$150 for Visitors here

Let us help you not be embarrassed when business connections, clients, prospects or future employers view your LinkedIn Professional Profile.
Your Headline – one of the most important areas of your LinkedIn Profile
Your Summary Statement – It’s only read when it reads well
Your Experience Section – NO – it’s not your Resume!
Your Skills Section – You need to know where to put these or they won’t help you
Your contact information, publications, projects, volunteering, etc, etc, etc, etc.
Unless you know what people are looking for, you’ll not know what to put on LinkedIn.
Do it correctly and your will get value from this Powerful Business Tool we call LinkedIn

Teddy worked with me one on one to help me better use LinkedIn for business development. He was easy to work with, made complex tasks seem simple, and was highly knowledgeable. Alan P.

Alan P.

What our clients have to say about our coaching

Teddy is a great business partner. His Social Media expertise has been very beneficial for our employees, teaching them how to navigate the world of Social Networking and how to be socially engaging. ~ Toni R.

Toni R.

Teddy coached two groups of our employees through the process of building their LinkedIn Profiles. The webinars were engaging and the attendees came away from the sessions with the information they need to build bold & positive LinkedIn Profiles.

Teddy is known as THE Social Media Expert in our area. I’ve found him to be quite personable and creative.

Becky S.

teddyBurrissAbout Teddy Burriss

Our LinkedIn® Professional Profile coaching is deliberate and focused to your purpose & goals. I teach individuals how to create business value, often in only a few minutes a day. We focus on the best practices of connecting and engaging in all of the areas of LinkedIn®. I coach over 2000 people each year on the benefits of using social media for business. I’ve written two books, “Networking for Mutual Benefit” and “Success using Social Media.” I also spend a lot of time each and every day using social media so that I can stay fully aware of all of the features and best practices for business and I believe in sharing my knowledge and experiences with others.

Our Promise

We want you to get value from our LinkedIn Profile Coaching.

If you contract us for help, do what we recommend and do not believe you received any business value from the work we did, we will refund your fee.


This program is only for visitors to this page

Let us help you build your LinkedIn Profile

$250 LinkedIn Profile Coaching

Discounted to $150 for Visitors to this page