Why Engage on LinkedIn

“Having a presence and network on LinkedIn is a great start. The real rewards occur when you engage in meaningful and relevant ways with your LinkedIn Network.” @TLBurriss

I hear this all the time, “I have a LinkedIn Profile. I accept connect requests and  I’m in LinkedIn Groups. What else should I do on LinkedIn?”

I hear these statements often. Worse yet, I see the LinkedIn Profiles who don’t know the answer and won’t ask the question.

One of the answers is to Engage on LinkedIn.

Before I give you three reasons why you should Engage on LinkedIn, let me explain what I mean by this.

Engaging on LinkedIn includes starting a discussion, getting involved in a discussion, sharing TRUHE (Transparent, Relevant, Useful, Honest, Engaging) content, introducing your LinkedIn Connections to other LinkedIn members, Endorsing & Recommending LinkedIn Connections (honestly), Following LinkedIn Influencers, companies, and much more.

Engaging on LinkedIn is how you move beyond having a profile and a network and into developing meaningful relationships and a professional reputation using LinkedIn.

Here are three good reasons to engage on LinkedIn.

Reason # 1 – Engaging on LinkedIn is how you show your LinkedIn connections you care.

I call this ‘Leading with Give.’

Sharing useful information, getting involved in relevant conversations and introducing your connections to each other, where relevant and mutually beneficial, are just a few of the ways to help your connections.

When you help your connections it shows them you care about them.

When we know someone cares about us, we are more likely to help them as well.

Reason # 2 – Engaging on LinkedIn is a way to be discovered on LinkedIn.

Engaging on LinkedIn creates content and content shows up in lots of places on LinkedIn.

Content shows up in the NewsFeed, in LinkedIn Network Activity email messages and on your connections Notification and Message alert bar.

Sometimes this content gets indexed by Google (or Bing) and can show up in Google Alerts as well.

Reason # 3 – Engaging on LinkedIn shows your authority in the areas you engage.

When you deliberately engage on LinkedIn with content relevant to the area of business where you are an authority, or want to be considered an authority, you create this perception.

Having focus and a steady voice when you engage on LinkedIn relevant to your business or career is a powerful way to create a professional reputation using LinkedIn.

Engage on LinkedIn properly and you can create business value from your purposeful activities.

Give, Share, Connect, Collaborate, Contribute, all help to show your authority from the types of content you engage with.

Engaging on LinkedIn can be a powerful business process for you.

I hope you discover the benefits when you Engage on LinkedIn.

If you want help getting meaningful value from LinkedIn, either for yourself or your sales team, let’s talk  – or 336-283-6121

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