Top 10 Social Media Best Practices

Follow the best practices, tips and tactics that create real value when using LinkedIn as a business tool, otherwise it could be a waste of time.

“I strive to use social media following my social media principles and/or edicts.”@TLBurriss

Follow these principles and you are more likely to create Success using Social media in your business and career transition.

  1. “Networking for Mutual Benefit is a requirement for success” ~ @TLBurriss

  2. “Never do, say or engage in social media in a way you don’t want to be seen, heard or perceived in life.” ~ @TLBurriss

  3. “Networking is finding, developing and nurturing relationships that mutually move people forward thru life,”
  4. “Everything we do on social media must be TRUHE. If not, people will begin to ignore us” ~ @TLBurriss

  5. “To get the greatest value out of social media, we must commit to using it..” ~ @TLBurriss

  6. “We must always have trust, respect & compassion for our connections. Otherwise they won’t want to trust, respect or have compassion for us.” ~ @TLBurriss

  7. “If everything we do is all about us, then success is less likely to occur. Make life mutually beneficial and life will be far more rewarding.” ~@TLBurriss

  8. “Giving is a powerful way to build relationship, whether in real life or through social media.” ~ @TLBurriss

  9. “A connection does not make a relationship. Relationships occur when we help others.” ~ @TLBurriss

  10. “Never contradict who we are or what we stand for when using social media.” ~ @TLBurriss

Bonus Principle –Experience & Experiment without giving up, this is the best way to discover how social media can benefit us and our company.” ~ @TLBurriss

Follow these principles and you are more likely to create Success using Social media. You will see a positive difference in the rewards you get from using LinkedIn and other social media tools as business tools.

If you want help getting great rewards from your use or your team’s use of social media, let’s talk  – or 336-283-6121

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