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Creating value using LinkedIn starts with committing to the work and then putting it on your calendar to do. Building a Presence, Network and Reputation occurs when you do the work needed to produce the results.

“If it’s important enough to do, it should be on your calendar and you should commit to doing the work. Do this with your LinkedIn activity” @TLBurriss

Using Social Media requires the consumption of time and we all know time is money.

Years ago I learned from @ACJandler of Atlantic Webworks to calendar all of your Social Media activity. Doing this helps to create structure in your content distribution as well as manage the time investment.

Adrienne suggested that spending at least 15 minutes a day in LinkedIn, posting relevant content, participating in discussions, connecting with new LinkedIn members and doing research can create value for any individual and the relevant business.

If we use this recommendation, what does 15 minutes a day cost us individually or as an organization? Is the investment worth it?

When you schedule time to work LinkedIn you will be more successful using it.

I like Adrienne’s philosophy, it makes great sense. I also encourage serious LinkedIn users to keep LinkedIn running on their computers all day long. You will want to refer to it when making calls, sending emails and discussing prospects and business opportunities. Integrate the use of LinkedIn into your day to day processes for the greatest success.

Here is a schedule sample Adrienne put together which I now share with the individuals I train:

Note – you can modify the schedule. What’s important is to schedule. You can also add other social media platform activities if you want to schedule other social media work into your day.

Schedule Time on LinkedIn

Monday – (15 Minutes)

  • Review your Feed
  • Comment or like what you see
  • Make a few new connections based on new business cards or calls last week
  • Connect with new prospects / clients

Tuesday– (15 Minutes)

  • Review Group Activity (Ok, this may not be overly important 4th qtr 2018. Let’s hope it gets better)
  • Comment on a relevant Group discussion
  • Start a relevant discussion in a group
  • Invite others to join your groups

Wednesday– (15 Minutes)

  • Request focused recommendations
  • Share books or articles relevant to a group or your LinkedIn Network
  • Share a meaningful quote or public statement in your Status Update.

Thursday– (15 Minutes)

  • Give Recommendations (requested or not)
  • Ask your friends to connect on LinkedIn
  • Invite a client, prospect or interesting LinkedIn Connection to lunch
  • Send private messages to direct contacts and engage them around their business.
  • Introduce your connections to each other on LinkedIn

Friday– (15 Minutes)

  • Review your LinkedIn Connection’s birthdays and career anniversaries.
  • Check out competitor companies and individuals
  • Search for new business opportunities (Do not Sell)
  • Compile hit list of new contacts to seek out next Monday
  • Seek out details of prospects / strategic partners
  • Check out your employee LinkedIn Profiles

The best way to create success using social media is to plan your activities.

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