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Own Your Social Media Handle

Decide on your online identification and Own Your Social Media Handle and use it everywhere

Do you Own your Social Media Handle?

In the great and ever expanding social media world, our #Handle can be an important part of our brand.

I made the deliberate decision when I started using social media to use TLBurriss as my primary Identification or Handle. Here are all the places I was able to do this (so far)

I also use TLBurriss as my user name on most of my online accounts that request a username.

I love my Social Media Handle!

Building these social media sites using TLBurriss in the URL and as my Identification has helped to expand my online brand.

I searched for TLBurriss using Google and the 8/26/15 results displayed 2230 results. The top 5 results are my LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress site, Facebook and pages.

Another deliberate strategy I have used is to use the same email address on all of my social media sites (unique passwords) and to always use the same name format (Teddy Burriss) on every site. Searching for “Teddy Burriss” using Google displays over 5000 results and again the top sites include my LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress site, Facebook and pages.

Owning my handle #TLBurriss and using it across as many social media sites as I can makes me more accessible. Being accessible is critical if you want to be successful in life.

A suggestion for those just getting into the world of social media; create an account on any social site you may want to use in the future using your handle. This will help insure your handle does not get taken by someone else.

Own your Social Media Handle and use it across every social media site you decide to participate in. This can help you present and extend your brand better online.


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