Humans Using LinkedIn Show #1

On this show, Ginger Edwards and Greg Frick discussed:

Greg shared ideas for people in a job search or Career Transition:

  • Use the Open to Work for Recruiters, not necessarily Public. This provides the recruiter with immediate notice of when you turn that on.
  • Use the Government ID Verification Process
  • Use LinkedIn regularly
  • Update your LinkedIn Profile as needed

Ginger shared for business developers:

  • Look for people in the news and then look for them on LinkedIn.
  • Look at staff Changes in target companies.
  • Look for relevant employees who get acknowledged in LinkedIn Posts.
  • Jump into relevant conversations.
  • Special Tip – Use the 3 dots on the Mobile app to send a personalized note/invite.
  • People don’t want to be sold.
  • Use the idea of “How can I help others.”

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