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Random Password Generator

I have been asked a few times how to create a set of Random Passwords someone can use to change a group of their online passwords.

So, I created this Google Sheet:

Click on the image to open the Google Sheet

I share how I created this and how you can use the Randomly Generated Passwords in this YouTube Video:

If you don’t have a Password Management tool, this Google Sheet could be of use to you. Remember, hit the Refresh button to choose a new set of Random Passwords.



Rich Schlentz – “It’s not about the work”

Rich Schlentz of ExtraOrdinary Inc, joins us on January 11, 2023, at 11:55 AM EST to discuss “It’s not about the work”.

If you ask Rich to tell you why he does the work he does he will tell you, “It’s my ministry.” I’ve known Rich for over a decade now and I can testify to this being his ministry. He walks the talk every day.

Join Lunch Conversations with Randy & Teddy by registering on Zoom – Registration Link

We promise you will leave the session with ideas that can impact your life and/or business in powerful ways.


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Fall 2021 Free Udemy Classes for Everyone

I am so thankful for all of my Udemy Students! This week I surpassed 22,000 students from all over the globe. OMG, I am over the moon excited so many people are taking my classes on Udemy

To celebrate this growth on Udemy I am giving away FREE access to all of my courses for up to 1000 new students per class.

Here are the links with the Free Discount Code

Learn to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Building a Professional Reputation using LinkedIn

Building a Relevant and Meaningful LinkedIn Network

Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a Business Tool –

Please accept this gift again as my gratitude for my growing list of Udemy Students. Share with others who could benefit from these classes.


BTW – Follow me on YouTube as well. I am producing new videos about using LinkedIn as a Business Tool there every week.


I serve via Video

For those of you who did not know, I have two YouTube Channels focused on serving you.

The first one is all about using LinkedIn as a Business Tool. As you all may know, I have been practicing using LinkedIn as a Business Tool since 2007, and I now have 1000+ videos on this channel.

The second channel, the newest, is all about using Google Workspace and Gmail as business tools. What many don’t know is I have been using Google Workspace since 2007 as well, and I’ve been a Gmail user since even before then. I have created lots of business processes around using Google Workspace Email, Calendar, Contacts, Drive, Forms, Slides, Sheets, YouTube, Trends, Alerts, Chrome, and various other Google Products.

I share this with you as I want you to know that routinely I create videos to answer the questions I am asked.

Therefore, if you have a question about using LinkedIn as a Business Tool, I will create a video for you and share it via YouTube.

If you ask me a question about Google Workspace or Gmail, I will do the same thing.

Therefore, here is the suggestion/request.

Please subscribe to my youTube channels so I can help you with the videos I share.

Using LinkedIn as a Business Tool – ask me any question via LinkedIn, Quora, or email

Using Google WorkSpace or Gmail as Business Tools – ask me any question via LinkedIn, Quora, or email

Thank you for letting me share this with you.



Teddy Burriss Certification

Congratulations on the completion of the Burriss Consulting, Inc Using LinkedIn as a Business Tool Training & Coaching Program

Here is your Certification.

You can download the PDF version of the Certification and add it to your LinkedIn Profile under Certifications.

To add it to your LinkedIn Profile as a Certification, right click on the Red text above and copy the Link or URL. Go into LinkedIn and add the Certification and past the URL in the link

We look forward to seeing you excel using LinkedIn as a Business Tool