Driftwood LinkedIn Profiles

Don’t waste time creating an account on LinkedIn, if you are not going to use it. Build a strong LinkedIn Profile and begin connecting and engaging through it to create value for your business and career.

Have you seen any Driftwood LinkedIn Profiles?

The first step to creating success using LinkedIn is often the last step that many LinkedIn members do. Create a LinkedIn Profile.

According to LinkedIn, only about 50% of all LinkedIn members have complete profiles. The rest are what I refer to as driftwood.

Let me further define what I call a Driftwood LinkedIn Profile:

A LinkedIn Profile that is not built out enough to present the LinkedIn Member appropriately. Typically drift wood LinkedIn Profiles are missing the following information:

  • Profile Picture
  • Meaningful Headline
  • Informative Summary Section
  • Completed Experience Section
  • Relevant Skills
  • Relevant Recommendations
  • Current Contact information

Another variation of a drift wood LinkedIn Profile include profiles completely built out, but for the previous job, not their current profile.

Here are a few LinkedIn Profiles I consider drift wood:


Does this look familiar to you? Is it you? Is it someone on your staff?

Have you seen these LinkedIn Profiles yourself?

Either way, please look into resolving the waste of LinkedIn Profile space any way you can. Let’s work together to fix this problem. The rewards of resolving the drift wood LinkedIn Profiles could help your business or your career.

Introduce me to anyone in business who you think needs some help turning their Driftwood LinkedIn Profile into a powerful business tool.

Are you proud of your LinkedIn Profile?

It does not take much time each week to build a strong LinkedIn Profile and begin to engage through it.

Take a look at my LinkedIn Profile – It’s not perfect, but I am proud of it.

Let’s talk if you need help  – or 336-283-6121

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