Prospecting on LinkedIn

Prospecting on LinkedIn

Prospecting on LinkedIn is the process of finding connections who could become future clients or who could connect you to your future clients.

Here are the three primary steps of Prospecting on LinkedIn:

Step 1: You must have a Strong LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn Profile must clearly present “Who you are” and “What you do.” All of the information on your LinkedIn Profile must support Who you are.

Step 2: Connect with the people you know. Connect with previous employers, employees, partners, peers, vendors, friends, family, etc. Only connect with people on LinkedIn who know you.

Step 3: Research companies and LinkedIn members who are relevant to the types of clients you are prospecting for. Begin building a list of the companies and individuals that you need to connect with. This list of companies and individuals should be a living list. You’ll remove names from the list as you disqualify them and add new names to the list as you discover new company and individual ideas.

Step 4: Find relationships between your existing LinkedIn connections and the companies and LinkedIn members that you want to connect with. Where possible, reach out to your LinkedIn connections and ask them to introduce you to the people at your target companies and potential LinkedIn connections. Note – do not use the LinkedIn Introduction Function, it’s less personal. Use Burriss Consulting’s process of LinkedIn Introduction.

Step 5: Create a consistent LinkedIn Engagement routine. With a Strong LinkedIn profile and a growing list of LinkedIn connections, engaging on LinkedIn will increase the opportunity of being seen and contacted.

Step 6: Continue researching, connecting and engaging on LinkedIn. Find opportunities to help your LinkedIn connections and to get into a relevant and mutually beneficial conversations with them.

Learn the right way for Prospecting on LinkedIn

Prospecting on LinkedIn does not include selling, cold calling or spending a lot of time talking about yourself and/or your business.

Prospecting on LinkedIn involves Connecting, Researching, Sharing, Giving and Engaging in Conversations and developing relationships.

When you properly Prospect on LinkedIn it’s more enjoyable and the benefits are greater.

What do you consider Prospecting on LinkedIn.

Go forth and begin Prospecting on LinkedIn

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