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Social Media Success Story – Marcy Lucas

Marcy Lucas Social Media Success Story – These social media success stories are examples of how people have connected, engaged and built relationships through social media that have created lots of different rewards and benefits for everyone involved.

“LinkedIn played a big part in my last two career changes.” Marcy Lucas

I collected social media success stories while writing the book “Success Using Social Media.”

LinkedIn played a big part in my last two career changes.

Story # 1

Using my networking skills, I reached out to those I have worked with in the past, and others who I have connected with during my multiple job search adventures. Many of these people I looked for and found on LinkedIn first. A recruiter found my profile on LinkedIn and contacted me regarding a position in Denver, Colorado. Although the job was a good fit, I did not want to move to Colorado. I forwarded the job description to previous co-workers in Texas, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania, to see if they knew anyone who would be interested. One of my connections replied to me with an idea regarding opportunities open in her department, working remotely. I was trying to help others and she turned the help around to help me. When I sent her my resume she forwarded it to the hiring manager, (her manager) who set up an interview with me and three others. I checked my LinkedIn contacts, so see  who possibly knew the people who were going to be interviewing me. In addition to my friend’s referral, I quickly was able to find two other people who were willing to contact the interviewers with recommendations. I got the job and started soon thereafter.

Story # 2

Even though I do not have my PMP certification, Teddy Burriss suggested that I attend the local chapter meetings of the Project Management Institute. During the meeting I realized that this was a great group of people with similar interests and backgrounds. I enjoyed the food, networking, and the various speakers. I even reconnected with some previous co-workers and we connected via LinkedIn as well. One of these friends introduced me to a recruiter. After, I shared my history and goals, she thought of a position that would be a good match, not even knowing if there was an opening. Soon afterwards, an interview was set up and I was hired as a contractor as a Project Delivery Coordinator in a large IT department.

LinkedIn played a big part in each of these stories. I am convinced that the stories would have either turned out differently or taken much longer to develop if it were not for LinkedIn.

I enjoy networking and continue to add to my LinkedIn contacts. It provides additional incentive to potentially help connect others who are looking for new opportunities.

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