Using LinkedIn Endorsements

LinkedIn Endorsements may not be of much value, however use them to engage with your network and create a conversation that may create a different value.

LinkedIn Endorsements are very useful

Just not as most people think.

Often I am told that “LinkedIn Endorsements are useless.” I disagree.

When LinkedIn enabled endorsements they shoved them down our throats by displaying this box every time we looked at a connections profile. This created an environment where LinkedIn Members endorsed each other for skills that they may or may not actually know about. In my opinion, and the opinion of many others, this diluted the direct value of LinkedIn Endorsements.

Despite the perception that endorsements have minimal value, there is still some benefit to LinkedIn Endorsements.

The value of LinkedIn Endorsements is the potential for engagement.

Every time I receive an endorsement I thank the person who endorsed me. Depending on my relationship with the endorser, I may also ask them a question or suggest we find a time to talk or meet.

Don’t let the face value of LinkedIn Endorsements reduce the potential benefit you can receive if you engage with the LinkedIn members who endorse you.

One practice I use is to publicly thank the people who endorse me. I’ll write a LinkedIn status post something like,

“Thank you for the endorsements {tag the people who endorsed me}. I appreciate each of you taking the time to do this.”

This engagement shows my network that I am being endorsed and that I am appreciative. Regardless of the individual value of an endorsement, I let my network know that I appreciate being endorsed.

This engagement activity has resulted in really good conversations between me and my network.

I encourage you to endorse your connections, where you can honestly endorse. Accept the endorsements you receive and thank the endorser. Engage with them and see if you can create more value out of what many call, a waste of time.

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