Who has viewed your LinkedIn Profile?

Pay attention to who is looking at your LinkedIn Profile.

Pay Attention to Who has Viewed your LinkedIn Profile if you want to get more value from your use of LinkedIn.

This is not a sneaky thing or a hide and seek thing. LinkedIn members look at your LinkedIn profile to learn about you, what you do and who you know.

Encourage your network to view your profile, encourage them to learn from your profile and to see who you are connected to.

When an existing connection views your profile, reach out to them with a LinkedIn message and let them know that you noticed them on LinkedIn. You don’t have to tell them, “I saw you looked at my profile.” Ask them about business or any other relevant question. If possible and mutually beneficial, ask for a phone conversation or coffee meeting.

When someone who is not your first level connection views your LinkedIn Profile, consider viewing their profile to see what the relevance may be. If they are relevant to you and you can properly send them a LinkedIn connection request, do so.

In summary, when someone views your profile look for a way to engage with them. Focus the engagement on business value and it can help your business.

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