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Teddy Burriss Leadership Coaching Core Principles.

The information here is the core of all of my Leadership Coaching.

These Key Leadership Principles are the core of my Communications, Coaching, Motivation and Conflict Resolution (i.e. Leadership) Training:

  • Esteem – Always maintain or elevate the other person’s self-esteem
  • Empathy – Listen and respond with Empathy
  • Involvement – Ask & encourage Involvement
  • Share – Share your thoughts, feelings and rational to build trust
  • Support – Provide support without taking away responsibility

The Discussion model is the core of every conversation as an Effective Leader:

  • Open – State the business purpose & importance of the discussion
  • Clarify – Seek & share info regarding situation to be sure all involved are discussing the same issue
  • Develop – Seek & Discuss ideas/answers that can resolve the issue or produce a better process/result
  • Agree – Specify Actions & how to measure that everyone achieves their stated action(s)
  • Close – Highlight Importance & Confirm Commitment from everyone involved to assure success

One of my Leadership programs included the following conversation slides:

  • Communications Slide Deck Part 1
  • Communications Slide Deck Part 2
  • Coaching Individuals and Teams
  • Motivating Employees Basics
  • Conflict Resolution Basics
  • Time Management Basics
  • Teddy Burriss Universal Discussion Guide

Note – I can’t display the slide decks because they were developed for a specific client.

My Dale Carnegie training has been a significant part of my leadership style and coaching. I jokingly call the Dale Carnegie Golden Book my shotgun.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or if I can help you in any way.


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