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16 Facebook Engagement Practices

Facebook Engagement is key if you want to create success from your social media investment.

Facebook Engagement Practices

Regularly I get asked by friends and clients, “what good Facebook Engagement Practices¬†should I do on my Facebook Page?”

Here are a few answers that are relevant to everyone.

Facebook Engagement Practices

(Note РIt is always best not to ignore your marketing department or company and your marketing plan when beginning to engage on any social media platform.)

Having a social media engagement plan as well as a content strategy are important for your social media engagement to create value. Otherwise you are likely not to attract the right audience or build the best possible social networks.

When planning to engage on social media, remember the focus is not about you or your products. It’s all about your audience and what their interests are. Furthermore, your audience is not everyone on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Your audience is the individuals who are interested in what you share and want to engage with you. Your audience can also include the influencers of the people who could become your clients, partners or employees.

Here are 16 Facebook Engagement Practices that I know will help you to attract and engage the right audience:

  1. Post frequently & consistently to keep your Facebook Page content fresh and interesting. A few times a day is a good
  2. Strive to be interactive by asking questions and posting thought provoking content.
  3. Keep the content you share on your page relevant to your audience and business. Relevance should be a broad perspective, not narrow focused.
  4. Add the Facebook Share & Like buttons to your websites, blogs, and other sites to encourage your followers to Share & Like your content.
  5. Post to your page as the page identity and where possible and relevant, engage your audience as a real human. Being real is a much better way to engage with your audience.
  6. Mix in the use of other various media types. Video, images, graphics, Links to other content, simple quotes and statements. Variety is a good way to increase engagement.
  7. As your Page Identity, find and like relevant pages. Peruse their content and where possible and relevant, share it. Sharing other content is a great way to show that you are all about helping others, not just being selfish.
  8. If you have a Blog, Pinterest Page, Instagram page, website etc, share new fresh content (manually and/or automatically) to your Facebook Page. This helps build trust, respect and relationships. Yeah, it helps build SEO value as well.
  9. Try to be always giving away ideas, knowledge, even free gifts/tokens. Don’t go poor doing this, but give on your Facebook page.
  10. Include your Facebook Page links in all of your traditional media. Make it simple for your prospects and customers to find you.
  11. Measure your social media results and make adjustments to your plans and content in order to improve your audience’s experience with you on social media.
  12. When you make a mistake on social media, admit it and correct it. It’s the best way to keep the relationships you have with your social media connections.
  13. Reach out to your customers offline and encourage them to join you on your social media platforms.
  14. Don’t think you are the only valid source of good content. Third party content that is relevant to your business could be used to support your position and value.
  15. Respond quickly and appreciatively. There is nothing worse than trying to engage on social media with individuals and/or brands that don’t engage in a timely manner.
  16. Have fun while also focusing on giving and helping your social media connections.

Read the Book Success using Social Media for more ideas on how to create success using social media.

I hope you found these Facebook Engagement Practices useful.

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