LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices for 2022

“A LinkedIn Company Page is a valuable business asset, once it becomes valuable to your target audience. Otherwise, it’s just another onsite space you feel obligated to feed.” @TLBurriss

LinkedIn Company pages are used by well over 54 million companies. Many are complete pages, however, there are quite a few that are naked or built to resemble the typical website about page, poorly focused on their target audience.

Additionally, most LinkedIn pages are used as dumping grounds for company marketing content that again, is all about the company and their glorious products/services, with little to no thought of what their target audience really wants to see.

A LinkedIn page can be a venue your target audience visits frequently, if what they find there is of interest and of benefit to them.

To grow a LinkedIn page that ranks up near the top of the list where your target audience wants to visit, we have to be purposeful about how we manage these pages.

Here are some best practices, sprinkled with some tactics, you can use to build a respected and often visited LinkedIn page and a growing page following.

  1. You need to be clear to yourself about who is your target audience. The more focused you are on these humans, in the specific roles, industries and business types, maybe regions, the more valuable your LinkedIn page will become.
  2. You must understand the language your target audience uses. This will help you to use the words that resonate with them through out your LinkedIn page and the content you share on your page.
  3. Don’t think of your LinkedIn page as end point. Rather, consider it a member of the team and have the page engage on content relevant and meaningful to your target audience, in respect to what your business does. (Tactic – learn to use your actorCompanyID to engage on content across LinkedIn.)
  4. Feed your LinkedIn page on a regular basis . Follow the 90/10 rule. 100% of the content you share on your LinkedIn page must be broadly relevant to what you do and to your target audience. 90% of what you share on your LinkedIn page should not be about your business or products. This allows for up to 10% of the content you share on your LinkedIn page to be about your business, products, offerings, deals, team and events. (Tactic – I recommend a 5-4-1 ratio, share 5 unique and interesting pieces of non-company content and engage 5 times as the page, for each piece of company branded content you share.)
  5. PSA (Pay Serious Attention) if someone touches your content in any way, either directly on your LinkedIn page, or through the LinkedIn newsfeed, you must engage back with them in some meaningful way.
  6. Feed your audience diverse pieces of content. Too often business pages will lean toward using a content type they are the most comfortable curating and/or creating. However, as your LinkedIn Page followers grow, they all do not want the same type of desert. They want text stories, images, native videos, documents, links to great content, Youtube videos, maybe LinkedIn Live Events, mixed in with a little bit of motivation and inspiration along side a pinch of posts about your people and your business.
  7. Don’t bust through these steps over the next few months without consideration for how are you going to sustain them. I see this all the time, a LinkedIn Page manager (or team) will start throwing stuff at their page and because they don’t see rewards in a few months or even 6 months or a year, they give up. Your LinkedIn Page is a long term asset which will participate in creating results only if you keep up feeding it in the style I presented above.

Now, let’s discuss some tactics you can use to encourage your target audience to discover and follow your page as well as to engage on your content. What I share below will work, only if you also follow the 7 tips above.

  1. Periodically grab the public URL of a post from your LinkedIn Page and share it outside of LinkedIn. Maybe on Facebook or Twitter. Maybe in a Quora Answer or Post. Maybe share it on your website and/or in your blog or newsletter. These posts are 100% publicly accessible. The reader only needs to be logged into LinkedIn to engage on the post and to follow the page.
  2. See tip #5 in the first set of ideas above. This is important for follower growth as well.
  3. Create a monthly process of inviting your target audience to follow your LinkedIn Page. Here are a few ways you can do this:
    1. Use the Invite Follower feature as a Super Admin of the Page. You can invite up to 100 of your LinkedIn Connections to follow the page each month.
    2. Add key client facing employees to be Super Admins of the LinkedIn page for 2 weeks, never longer. Coach them on how to use the Invite Follower feature so they can invite up to 100 of their own LinkedIn Connections to be page followers. Then remove them as a LinkedIn Page Admin. Repeat this step next month with another key client facing employee.
    3. Grab a compelling piece of new content from your LinkedIn Page and share the URL thru LinkedIn messaging to your target audience. Ask them to read it and if they like what they read to follow the Page.
    4. Share the previous tip with your client facing employees and ask them to send out 5-10 targeted invites each month. Repeat the request to them every other month. We don’t need to overwhelm them with these tasks.
    5. Engage on 3rd party website content and when filling out the comment contact information use the LinkedIn Page URL as the website. Do this 5 times a month to build backlinks to your LinkedIn Page. This will help to increase the SEO ranking of your LinkedIn Page so it can be found by your target audience.
    6. Engage on your client’s and other relevant content, and when appropriate @Mention (tag) your LinkedIn Page in the comment. Strive to not hijack the conversation, but to add value to it.

Feeding your LinkedIn Page with content your target audience is looking for while building a highly focused and relevant following is important if you want your LinkedIn Page to become an important asset to your business and of value to your target audience.

What ideas do you have that could make your LinkedIn Page be of value to your target audience?

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2020 Top 10 Tips using LinkedIn as a business tool

As I prepare for our January LinkedIn Mastermind Group, (more on this later) I also just wrapped up my 2020 Top 10 Tips using LinkedIn as a business tool.

As you have grown to expect, I share this information with my followers first.

Here are the youTube video and the LinkedIn Slideshare regarding these 2020 Top 10 Tips using LinkedIn as a business tool.

YouTube Video (13:20 minutes)

Slideshare PowerPoint (14 slides)

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We’ll have lots of great content including over 3-hours of live webinars.

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Are you paying attention to new LinkedIn features?

New LinkedIn Features

One of the newest features is the LinkedIn Messaging Forwarding option.

See the post I put on LinkedIn regarding this feature:

So how can you use this feature?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Capture a link to 3rd party content via messaging and share it with a peer.
  • Share a great message from a peer with someone else who can benefit from it.
  • When someone messages you an article, video, or an image, you can share it with someone else who it may be useful for.

I’m sure there will be uses that are less than mutually beneficial, and even some less than authentic or ethical forwarding of messages. This occurs every day. I tolerate this misuse, while I look for better ways of using new features.

What about you? 


12 LinkedIn Hacks of 2018

I produced a video on this topic as well.  Video 12 LinkedIn Hacks of 2018

Hacks increase our performance, productivity and the results we achieve using LinkedIn. Here are 12 Hacks I use regularly that improve my performance and results.

#1 – Headline Hack

If you are an iPhone user you can increase the number of characters in your LinkedIn Headline to approximately 220. Write your headline in a text editor, check the spelling and grammar and send it to your iPhone (text or email message). Then open your LinkedIn Profile in the LinkedIn App and Copy/Paste this text into your headline.

Note – you can not edit/save your Top Card in a Web Browser (desktop) unless you reduce the headline back to 120 characters. You’ll need to repeat the copy/paste actions on your iPhone to recover the extended headline after editing on a desktop.

#2 – Manage your Invites from the Manage Invitations page.
There are two pages you can view incoming LinkedIn Invites. The initial My Network Page and the Manage Invitations Page.

Manage all of your invitations from the Manage Invitations Page because you can do so much more from that page. You can Right Click on the profile and view it in a new tab, Accept or Ignore the invitation and most importantly Reply to the invitation request, even if you are not connected. You can also manage your sent invites from this page where you can Withdraw invite that has been out there too long.

#3 – Saved Searches

Most LinkedIn Members can have 3 saved searches of people who meet predefined search criteria. The trick to accessing LinkedIn Saved Search is to put something in the search bar and click on People in the search results window. Once you create a great saved search you will get a weekly email from LinkedIn with a list of the new LinkedIn Members who meet the search criteria.

#4 – The Power of the Three Dots

The three dots (…) is where additional options are available on posts in the newsfeed, on LinkedIn Company Pages and in LinkedIn Groups.
The tree dots (…) are also used on LinkedIn Profiles of third degree LinkedIn Members. LinkedIn currently uses More on 1st & 2nd level connections. Check out the More or three dot (…) options.

#5 – Two-Step Verification

As with many social media or online accounts, hackers are looking for ways to hack or worse, hijack your LinkedIn Account. This is a serious problem and LinkedIn, as many other platforms have has implemented Two-Step Verification to help you protect your account. In order to set up this security option go to Two-Step Verification under Settings and Privacy. Each time you access your LinkedIn account from a different device, or after you flush your browser cache, the application will text an access code to your phone.

#6 – LinkedIn Message functions

On the LinkedIn Mobile App there are new messaging features. Beyond the basics of attaching an image or an app provided GIF, you can:
A) @Mention other LinkedIn Members in your message which puts an encrypted link to their LinkedIn Profile
B) Record up to a 60 second audio recording in the message.
C) Send an address via Map in the message.
The Mobile App also saves your message drafts in the event you move away from a message you started to another LinkedIn Message (this is not completely tested yet)

The desktop and Mobile App also let you Accept or Ignore invitations from the LinkedIn members who sent you an invite after you have messaged them. (See Hack #4)

#7 – Native Video

From the Mobile App you can capture video and post to either your LinkedIn Profile (from the LinkedIn Home Page) or to any LinkedIn Company Page you manage (via the new LinkedIn Company Page Admin view).

You can switch cameras while recording and add stickers before you post the video with your text. This is a neat way to share quick video stories with your network.

Be purposeful and focus your messages on your target audience.

#8 Your Dashboard
View your own LinkedIn Profile and directly below the top section (called Top Card) is Your Dashboard. This is a quick view of a few key LinkedIn Stats; Profile views, the last post views and the number of times you show in LinkedIn Searches. Each of these stats includes hyperlinks to even more analytical information. It’s worth viewing a few times a month and evaluating.

#9 – Right Click is your Friend

I love using Right Click from web pages I don’t want to lose while working. Also, browser performance when you’re working from a LinkedIn Search results page is better when you right click on a result (Profile or Company page) and Open in a New Tab. Doing so keeps your list in tack and lets you perform your process on the result and then simply hit the X on the browser tab and work the next result. I often open as many as 5 new tabs from the results page before I view/work the record in the new tab.

#10 – Animated Company Page Logo

Dang – It doesn’t show as a GIF

If you want to create a little sparkle on your LinkedIn Company Page and where your company logo is displayed, you can use a GIF as your logo. Too fast of a GIF may be overly annoying, however, I think it’s at least worth exploring.

Bonus #1 – Text Expander

Maybe, not a LinkedIn Hack, but a great tool.
This little app runs on Mac and PC and has improved my performance using LinkedIn significantly. It does not violate the LinkedIn Terms of Services, however, it does save a whole bunch of keystrokes. It saves me lots of time from the snippets I create for the many repeated phrases, sentences, URLs, contact information, etc. etc.
Get your license here – My Affiliate Link

Bonus #2 – WordCloud my LinkedIn Profile

Creating a word cloud of your LinkedIn Profile is a great way to visualize the overall message you are sharing based on your keywords.
There are lots of WordCloud tools available. I’ve been using for some time now and find it to be easy, flexible, and quick at producing nice looking word clouds. I can also use them in my LinkedIn Posts, Articles, Instagram Posts, Facebook Posts, and Blog posts.

Bonus #3 – I want to help where and when I can.

If you want to get more out of your investment into LinkedIn and/or Sales Navigator maybe we need to talk.

I love to help people who want to master LinkedIn as a business tool and grow their business using LinkedIn.

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