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Basics of Sending a LinkedIn Invite

Growing your LinkedIn Network is a huge part of creating real value using LinkedIn. Make a new connection every day of your life.

Connecting on LinkedIn is one of the steps in creating value using LinkedIn as a business tool. You should connect to at least one new person every single day of your life. Focus on your Most Important Viewer, aka target audience, to create a meaningful and relevant LinkedIn Network.

A LinkedIn connection can be a great way to expand the awareness of who you are and what you are all about.

Remember the following rules regarding how to Make LinkedIn Connections:

  • Get introduced if you can
  • Engage on their content if you can’t get introduced.
  • Use friendly and relevant messaging in the Personal note you include on EVERY LinkedIn Invite.
  • Do not send LinkedIn connection requests to people you do not know (yet), unless they are highly relevant to you in business or community.
  • Aways send the LinkedIn Invite from the member’s Profile so you can see relevant information before sending the message.
  • Your goal is to make a meaningful and mutually beneficial connection.
  • Don’t use LinkedIn as a digital method of just collecting business cards.

The basic process of connecting on LinkedIn starts after researching for the people you want to connect with or finding someone on LinkedIn you recently met and you now want to invite them to connect.

Requesting a LinkedIn Connection

Remember the rules from above about Making LinkedIn Connections

From the LinkedIn Member’s Profile click on the Connect Button

You may not have View in Sales Navigator – disregard if you don’t have it.


If you are 3rd person to the LinkedIn Member you may have to click on the three dots (…) to get to the Connection option.

Always use the Personal Note option when sending a LinkedIn Invite

Remember to engage with your LinkedIn Connection once they accept your request to connect. I have an article here titled Engage Immediately with your LinkedIn Connections.

If you want help being purposeful and creating business value using LinkedIn let’s talk  – or 336-283-6121

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