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Social Media Success Story – Angel Guerrero

Angel Guerrero Social Media Success Story – These social media success stories are examples of how people have connected, engaged and built relationships through social media that have created lots of different rewards and benefits for everyone involved.

“By no means is this story the only success I have found using social media, but it is the most amazing reunion story to ever happen to me.” Angel Guerrero

I collected social media success stories while writing the book “Success Using Social Media.”


By no means is this story the only success I have found using social media, but it is the most amazing reunion story to ever happen to me.

First of all little background.  My family immigrated from Guayaquil Ecuador, SA. to New York City, where I was born shortly afterwards. Regularly my Mom, so proud of her son (me!), would mail pictures and heirlooms (a first tooth or two) to her family in Guayaquil Ecuador, SA.

Once a month Mom would call back home, international long distance on a landline. She would spend upwards of 30 minutes each call talking with her family and excited to hear their voices. Imagine, the large Latino family (10-15 people) huddled around the telephone all waiting their turn to talk with their family member in New York City. All under one room, scrambling for the phone to say hello or to hear the echoes of laughter and tears of joy. Each call was a fantastic event.

I made my first visit to the homeland when I was about 8 years old. I was literally treated like a prince.  Though my family was very poor, they were very rich in love, hospitality. The stories they told (and could tell) would easily fill a couple of large novels. We stayed for a month, playing on the beaches and shopping centers with my cousin and uncles.  I learned what it truly meant to have very little compared to what we had in the NYC projects back home. I learned that the invisible thread of family really never gets cut, regardless of the distance or countries we lived in. I left that country with a lot of memories and promises that one day we would reunite.

Fast forward two decades. Like many others I’m using Facebook as well as other social media tools. I’m connecting with friends, family and business contacts. Being an active Facebook user, I was sharing stories, pictures and updates of my bride and three children.

One day I get a Facebook friend request from Ecuador, Arcardio. I was totally flabbergasted. It was my Uncle. I had no idea they had computers, let alone internet connection in their little poor part of town. We connected and the next day a new journey of reuniting began. During our first Facebook chat my uncle asked if I had a camera on my computer. The next conversation was using video. 20 years after seeing him in real life, I got to see my uncle’s face via Skype. It was a very emotional time for both of us. We spoke for over 20 minutes. I introduced him to my bride and children. I saw and spoke with my aunts and other uncles, cousins and their new children.  My, what a day!  The generations and the ties that bind us are now closer and stronger than ever, despite the distance.

Through the power of Social Media, after a few months of Skype conversations and Facebook chats we were able to catch up on most of what had happened over the past 20 years with our families.

We now talk, share and chat nearly daily. We share tons of pictures, videos and posts about our families activities and lives. I have been to birthday parties being held in Ecuador, Arcardio through the screen and camera of a laptop sitting on a chair. I get to see, hear, laugh and cry with everyone else nearly as if I were there.

This is a truly amazing story. The generations are now together and we will live our lives together, despite the distance.

I am still planning a return visit. Being a part of their lives through Social media is making the trip all the more meaningful.

Being able to reunite through social media with my family has literally changed my life.

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