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Social Media Success Story – Ray Mitchell

Ray Mitchell Social Media Success Story – These social media success stories are examples of how people have connected, engaged and built relationships through social media that have created lots of different rewards and benefits for everyone involved.

“I’m a web designer and I have used Social Media in various ways. It’s been a source of information related to my industry and I’ve used it to get answers to work problems.” Ray Mitchell

I collected social media success stories while writing the book “Success Using Social Media.”


So, Teddy called to ask me a favor. He says, “You know, I’m working on this book and I’m looking for people who have started good relationships through social media, or have gotten business using Social Media. Do you know anybody?” I had to laugh, because although it’s been some time, the only reason Teddy had my phone number is because of Social Media.

Years ago, I had started using Twitter to promote a business venture and to engage with other people while developing my online persona. I met Teddy at a Tweet-up after exchanging tweets for some time. People around town had always said “Do you know Teddy Burriss? Have you met Teddy Burriss?” Well I hadn’t, so when the opportunity came up I went to the Tweet-up and started what has been a great friendship.

I’m a web designer and I have used Social Media in various ways. It’s been a source of information related to my industry and I’ve used it to get answers to work problems. It’s been a source of procrastination when I needed a break. Beyond work, on many occasions I’ve interacted with the famous, the “slightly famous” and the not famous at all.

I attended a two-day, online industry conference in 2010 and chatted on Twitter with many of the attendees. Following the conference, many of the folks I had exchanged tweets with thought it would be great to keep the conversation going. We arranged to chat online the following Wednesday at noon, and have been doing this weekly for three years. Over the years we’ve coached and encouraged each other, polished our LinkedIn profiles, worked on projects together, and held each other up during various family problems and the loss of a spouse.

I’ve often gotten business through relationships developed and nurtured online, or as a referral from someone I’ve met online. I’ve reconnected with folks from high school, and even elementary school, and built websites for them. This may have been partly because of our shared connections, but mainly through demonstrating knowledge, helpfulness and authenticity through actively engaging each other through Social media.

These real connections were established or re-established through the “magic” of Social Media. But there’s really no magic to this at all. The same skills you learned in kindergarten or elementary school apply, and perhaps even more so. You should be kind to both friends and strangers. Sharing is still important. You should remember to say please,  and when someone does something nice for you, remember to say thank you.

Social Media isn’t new, or isn’t something hard. The same business skills and good graces you use offline apply online. Maybe they’re even more important online, because 140 characters live forever on the Internet.

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