Often used Adjustable LinkedIn Settings – 2020

There are a few settings on LinkedIn that may be useful to adjust as you use LinkedIn .

LinkedIn Profile Activity Broadcasts and Profile Viewing Options

Activity Broadcasts

The activity this setting refers to is the changes you make to your LinkedIn Profile regarding the Experience and Education Section and Work Anniversary alerts.

Additions or changes to the other section of your LinkedIn Profile will not broadcast to your LinkedIn Network.
You can adjust the default setting for this option under Settings & Privacy (

I encourage you to leave your activity broadcasts turned on; however, sometimes it may be practical to turn them off.

On reason to leave this off is when you are editing your Experience or Education section you may not want to alert your LinkedIn Network to the edits.
Especially when the edits to these sections are not ’noteworthy.’

You have the option of enabling or disabling these broadcasts when editing or adding to these sections of your LinkedIn Profile.

What others see when you’ve viewed their profile.

Some of us like to play hide & seek when looking at our connection’s profiles. This setting is managed under Settings and Privacy.

I encourage you to leave this setting turned on so that your network knows when you have looked at their profile. The purpose of this is to create an opportunity for engagement – ie a conversation.

However, periodically you may want to change this setting so you can “secretly” look at a LinkedIn member’s profile when doing market or competitor research.

It is important to know that when you decide to hide behind an industry or company name or to be totally anonymous, you will not be able to see who has looked at your profile. 

You will need to return to the Name & Headline setting in order to see who has viewed your LinkedIn Profile.

Don’t play hide and seek on LinkedIn. You need to know when someone has looked at your profile so that you can engage with them or better yet, get into a good conversation with them.

Additionally, I recommend you review the other static settings available to you through the Settings and Privacy ( and adjust them to fit your needs when using LinkedIn.
The Settings and Privacy pages include over 77 unique options to review.
Invest time to review them so you understand what you can do and how LinkedIn may use your data.

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