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AI perspective of my LinkedIn Profile

I asked ChatGPT & Bard to review my LinkedIn Profile for red flags if I were looking for a job. This is what they said.

I asked ChatGPT & Bard this question – “Please analyze this LinkedIn Profile for red flags a recruiter may see as he applies for a job”

Here is what Bard had to say about my LinkedIn Profile:

Sure, I can help you with that. Here are some red flags that a recruiter may see in Teddy Burriss’s LinkedIn profile:

  • The profile is not up-to-date. The most recent job listed on the profile is from 2019. This could make a recruiter question whether Teddy is still actively looking for work.
  • The profile is not tailored to the specific job. The profile does not mention any of the specific skills or experience that are relevant to the jobs that Teddy is applying for. This could make a recruiter think that Teddy is not a good fit for the role.
  • The profile is self-promotional. The profile is full of Teddy’s accomplishments and accolades. This could make a recruiter think that Teddy is arrogant or that he is not a team player.
  • The profile contains typos and grammatical errors. There are a few typos and grammatical errors in the profile. This could make a recruiter think that Teddy is not detail-oriented or that he does not have a strong command of the English language.

Overall, Teddy’s LinkedIn profile could be improved by making it more up-to-date, tailored to the specific job, and less self-promotional. If Teddy were to address these red flags, his profile would be more likely to catch the attention of recruiters and help him land a job.

Here are some specific suggestions for how Teddy could improve his LinkedIn profile:

  • Update the profile to include his most recent job and any new skills or experience he has gained since 2019.
  • Tailor the profile to the specific job he is applying for by highlighting the skills and experience that are most relevant to the role.
  • Reduce the amount of self-promotion in the profile and focus on the value he can bring to the company.
  • Proofread the profile carefully to correct any typos or grammatical errors.

By making these changes, Teddy can improve his LinkedIn profile and make it more likely that he will land a job.


For ChatGpt I had to copy & paste the content from my LinkedIn Profile rather than share the URL (burdensome). Here is what it said:

Based on the provided LinkedIn profile of Teddy Burriss, here are some potential red flags that a recruiter may notice:

  1. Lack of Clarity: The profile’s summary and experience sections lack clarity and focus. It’s not immediately clear what specific services Teddy Burriss offers or what type of roles he is seeking. This can make it difficult for recruiters to understand his expertise and match him with suitable job opportunities.
  2. Lengthy Summary: The summary section is quite lengthy and could be condensed to provide a more concise and impactful introduction to Teddy’s skills and offerings.
  3. Unrelated Specialization: The mention of “banana farmer” under the “Specialties” section appears unrelated to the professional services mentioned elsewhere in the profile. Including irrelevant skills may confuse recruiters and detract from his professional credibility.
  4. Inconsistent Dates: There are some discrepancies in the years mentioned in the “Experience” section. For example, the “LinkedIn Webinar Design, Production, Recording and Training” role indicates 8 years of experience, but the date range provided is 2015 to present, which should be 8 years by 2023. Recruiters may question the accuracy of such information.
  5. Unprofessional Language: The use of phrases like “I love sharing,” “It’s a pleasure,” and “it’s a privilege” in the summary section might come across as too informal for a professional LinkedIn profile.
  6. Overemphasis on LinkedIn: While Teddy Burriss positions himself as an expert in LinkedIn training and services, he should strike a balance and highlight other relevant skills and experiences to appear more well-rounded.
  7. Limited Education Details: The education section only mentions “Business, Business” from the University of Maryland without specifying the degree earned. Providing more detailed educational information can add credibility to Teddy’s profile.

It’s essential for Teddy Burriss, or any LinkedIn user, to ensure that their profile is clear, well-organized, and tailored to their career goals. By addressing these potential red flags and optimizing the profile’s content, Teddy can improve his chances of attracting recruiters and potential employers for relevant job opportunities.

I am totally perplexed about this. I likely need to have a copywriter look at my content. Maybe (?) I need help.

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