September 2020 Master LinkedIn as a business tool Private Group

Stop wasting time trying to use LinkedIn.

Learn how to use LinkedIn from someone who has spent over 13 yrs experimenting with it.

Knowing how to master your LinkedIn Presence, Networking, Prospecting and Engagement are critical when using LinkedIn.

Do so and you can begin building better leads and business opportunities.

LinkedIn is a business tool. When you learn how to use it this way you will get better results from it for your business. This Private Educational Group is designed to provide you the skills you will need to use LinkedIn to grow your business.

Who is this Private Educational Group designed for?

We designed this group primarily for the following business professionals who want to use LinkedIn better. They are the individuals who can gain the greatest advantage of this private educational group. However, we often see value for many others who learn how to use LinkedIn as a business tool from our classes.

  • Sales Executives
  • Business Developers
  • Outside Sales Employees
  • Account Executives
  • Sales Leaders
  • Inside Sales Pros
  • Customer Relationship Employees
  • Customer Success Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Vice Presidents of Sales
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Solorpreneurs

What you will learn from this private group to help you create real business value using LinkedIn:

  • The best practices of a Focused and Clear LinkedIn Profile.
  • The benefits of purposeful and relevant LinkedIn Networking.
  • Why LinkedIn Engagement is much more than posting & sharing content.
  • How to use LinkedIn search tools to build targeted lists of potential leads and prospects.
  • LinkedIn Company Pages and how to use them.
  • Best Practices of LinkedIn Messaging, InMails, and Invites.
  • Using Sales Navigator features (Tags, Notes, InMails, Lists, Saved Search, Lead Search, Account Search).
  • Important LinkedIn Settings and Privacy Options.
  • The benefits of using LinkedIn Audio Messages.
  • New Features of LinkedIn (Polls, Kudo Posts, Name Pronunciation, LinkedIn Page Followers list, and more.
  • Using LinkedIn Groups in meaningful ways.
  • How to post Images, Videos, Documents, Quotes 3rd Party Content that drive LinkedIn Profile views and engagement with your target audience.
  • How to use the many different analytics tools available through LinkedIn.
  • You will learn how to use LinkedIn as a business tool to grow your business.

Can I get real business value from this Private Educational Group?

“Teddy is * THE * LinkedIn expert you need to help you channel the power of LinkedIn as it applies to both your personal and professional goals.” Damian

“As someone relatively new to the platform Teddy’s LinkedIn Mastermind Group was very easy to understand and was broken down into logical sections.” Ryan

“Teddy is a wizard with LinkedIn! He knows what works and what doesn’t, what grabs people’s attention, and what bores them to death! “ Corey

“By using Teddy’s BCI-Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile and the Worksheet, my LinkedIn profile went from novice to professional.” Tammy

“Teddy is a master level social media marketer and networker. He practices what he preaches! I am so happy I have stayed connected with Teddy because I constantly learn from him.” Sherri

“Teddy instructed us on key elements to spend time on in a profile, including examples of keywords, to build valuable connections in the network. He was a patient and knowledgeable guide on the technical aspects of LinkedIn and fully answered questions.” Jennifer

If you are ready to learn principles that can provide business results from LinkedIn and develop your value statement, connect with Teddy today, and get involved in his next course!” Lisa

“If you are looking to master LinkedIn you need to connect with Teddy Burriss! There is so much that LinkedIn can do for you professionally and personally and he is the mastermind to show you what, when, where, and how to make it happen! Rita

“Teddy gives exuberant, fun, and information filled courses. He makes LinkedIn fun and helps dispel all your worries about putting up a profile.  Sadaajit

“Need to better understand the proper way to use LinkedIn to help strengthen your business? If so, I highly recommend attending LinkedIn, training, and coaching sessions by Teddy Burriss.” Steve

What are the deliverables from this Private Educational Group?

Bi-Weekly Virtual Group LinkedIn Coaching Sessions (every other Friday @ 10:30 AM EST)
1-year access to the Private Facebook Educational Group.
New Weekly Content shared for all members to learn from.
Answers to all of the questions you pose to the group.
Free copies of our current ebooks and any new ebooks published during the year, including:
Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile ebook
Building a Meaningful LinkedIn Network ebook
Building a Professional Reputation Using LinkedIn ebook
20 Questions about LinkedIn and the Answers you Need ebook
Your digital copy of the book Networking for Mutual Benefit (sold on Amazon)
Digital copy of the book Success Using Social Media (sold on Amazon)

Members of the Private Educational Group will also have access to over a 100 posts, videos, articles, and links of knowledge, best practices tips, tricks, hacks, and more through the 10+ individual learning Units:
The Basics of LinkedIn Privacy & Settings
Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile
Building a Meaningful LinkedIn Network
Building a Professional Reputation Using LinkedIn
Mastering LinkedIn Search
Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Using LinkedIn Company Pages
Integrating LinkedIn into other Networking Processes
Relevant & Useful Business Tools used along with LinkedIn
LinkedIn Success Stories
A full year of ideas, knowledge, tips, tricks, experimentation, webinars, questions answered and continual growth as you master using LinkedIn as a business tool
Virtual Group LinkedIn Coaching Session Recordings
At the end of your membership, we provide a unique gift of an ebook full of all of the content we published in the Private Educational Group for your personal use.

Private Educational Group Pricing

Early Bird offer – the first 20 people to register will get 18 months of content, engagement, answers, help, ideas, tips, tricks, videos, articles, insights, virtual coaching and more for the price of 12 months.

We asked 100’s of business professionals what price they thought a 1-year Private Educational Group focused on using LinkedIn as a business tool would be worth to them. We chose the average of all of the results and decided to offer this 1-year program for $39.95 per month (12 months) or a one time fee of $450. (Credit, Debit cards or Paypal.)

Monthly Subscription (12 months)

1 time Annual Payment

Contact Teddy Burriss if you have a group of employees you would like to register for this Private Educational Group. We can price membership and payment plans for groups of 5 or more.

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