Free Udemy Classes

Only for 3 days (7/8/21 – 7/10/21) – All of my Udemy classes are Free to my followers

Udemy is a popular online learning program.

I decided to make all of my courses Free for the next 3 days to my followers.

I hope you enjoy them.
Using LinkedIn as a Business Tool – great insight on your LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Network, and LinkedIn Engagement tactics:
A deeper dive into building a Professional LinkedIn Profile:
LinkedIn Networking works best when you focus on your target audience is richer than a huge LinkedIn Network:
I often call LinkedIn Engagement the Magic Sauce of using LinkedIn. Learn how to best engage in this course:
This is my first Sales Navigator course with lots of basics everyone needs before subscribing to this business tool:
This is my first Career Search course filled with lots of powerful tips you can use in job search –
I hope you get lots of value from these courses.

Also, feel free to ask me any questions about these courses. I want to help you be more successful using LinkedIn as a Business Tool.