Networking Conversations

Every week I participate in two unique and interesting Networking Conversations. I invite anyone else who wants more unique networking groups to join us.

On Monday mornings @ 8 AM EST, I hang out on a call with Jennifer Rogers. Jennifer leads the conversations that help us get focused on the most important things for the week. We get to meet new people and share out loud what our goals are for the week.

On Friday mornings at 9 AM EST, I host a similar gathering. We discuss what occurred in the past week that we are happy happened for us and then we get into conversations about what we are looking forward to in the upcoming weekend or even next week. We also discuss individual needs we have including any introductions we need for business or other resources we are seeking.

Both of these conversations have been enjoyable, rewarding, and helpful in lots of ways.

Join Jennifer Rogers and me for the Live Zoom meetings.

Register here for Monday at 8 AM EST

Show up here for Friday at 9 AM EST – (requires you to have a Zoom Account)