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Teddy Burriss Keynote Speech

Teddy Burriss Public Speaker

Teddy Burriss is an experienced, trusted and respected Trainer & Public Speaker who has delivered thousands of teachings on topics related to LinkedIn As a Business Tool, Networking and Social Networking.

Teddy uses insights gained from 10 years of experience using social media and networking, as well as the two books he’s written to teach your audience how to craft a top-notch professional image and create measurable business success with social networking.

His speeches contain no fluff…only practical, interesting, engaging and actionable social media success tips everyone can benefit from.

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LinkedIn Training Programs

Learning to use LinkedIn requires more than a seminar. In this ongoing training program, your sales team will go from good to great, as they learn how to find more connections, build high quality relationships, and uncover new business opportunities on LinkedIn.
This is much more than a training class. This is learning, experimenting, feedback and ongoing support for your sales team so that your result is real, continual and meaningful. Take your sales staff through this program to get the greatest business value from their use of LinkedIn

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Teddy Burriss Coaching

Personalized 1:1 Coaching

For personalized help with using LinkedIn as a business tool, 1:1 coaching is for you. During your sessions, you’ll learn everything that you need to do to be successful with LinkedIn, and you’ll also have Teddy to teach, encourage, and give you feedback each step of the way.

With this personalized 1:1 coaching program, we will help you focus on your goal of using LinkedIn, build a Professional LinkedIn profile, a relevant Network and a professional Reputation to support your goals.

As well as your personal coach, you’ll have access to numerous ebooks and videos to help you achieve your business and professional goals using LinkedIn.

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