Using Keyword to get into the Top LinkedIn Search Results

LinkedIn Search Results are affected by Keyword Rich Profiles, Activity and number of Connections. Is your Profile Keyword Rich? Do you have enough Activity? Are you connected wide and far enough?

Keyword Tips to get into the Top LinkedIn Search Results.

Building a Keyword Rich LinkedIn Profile is only important if you want your LinkedIn Profile found in a LinkedIn, Google or even a Bing Search. I have proven that I can get my LinkedIn Profile first in the results of each of these search tools by creating a Keyword Rich LinkedIn Profile based on my Keywords.

However, don’t forget that Keywords are only a part of this equation. Reading the LinkedIn knowledge base about LinkedIn Search Relevance and you will find a very important statement:

“Even though a query will return the same results for everyone, the order is determined in part by the profile, activity, and connections of the person searching.”

This telling statement clearly states Keywords, Activity and Connections together determine where you show up in the LinkedIn Search Results. Not knowing any different, I have to assume the same applies to Google and Bing searches.

I have researched (5/2015) and found the following areas of LinkedIn are used to create LinkedIn Search Results.

  1. Headline – This is the first place you get to present your Keywords in a clear and concise way to your LinkedIn Profile viewer.
  2. Summary – Here is where you must again, clearly and concisely tell the story about who you are, starting with your keywords and continue using them as often as you can in proper sentence structures. (I also like to list my primary Products & Services, using Keywords, at the bottom of my Summary Section)
  3. Experience Title – Another great place to repeat your Keywords, relevant to what you do for the company(s) you work for.
  4. Skills – Find your Keywords in LinkedIn Skill words/Phrases. Don’t add new ones, unless there is nothing similar at all.
  5. Experience Description (all jobs) – When you tell your story, 1st person, use your Keywords again, as often as you can in well constructed sentences.
  6. Education Section – Did you go to school to learn the skills you have that your Keywords Represent. Show it here.
  7. Project Titles – Where possible, if a Project is relevant to your Keywords, use them in the title of the project.
  8. Project Description – Following suit to item #6 above, where possible and relevant use your Keywords in the story of the Project.
  9. Publication Titles
  10. Publication Descriptions
  11. Additional Organizations – Only where relevant, use your Keywords here too.
  12. Recommendations – When asking for LinkedIn Recommendations, use your Keywords and tell the recommender what keywords to use when they write recommendations for you.
  13. Volunteer Experiences and Causes – Again, if you volunteer in areas where your keywords are relevant, use them in this area.

Take a look at my LinkedIn Profile to get examples of how I wrote my content using my Keywords

Remember, to get into the Top LinkedIn Search Results you will also need to share & engage in conversations as well as grow your LinkedIn Network.

The Top LinkedIn Search Results is not everything.

Despite all the work it will take to create value here, don’t think that this is all you have to do.

You will need to connect and engage on LinkedIn. Creating LinkedIn Search Results is only a big step in the right direction.

Top LinkedIn Search Results

Do you want to test your Keyword Rich Profile – Copy and Paste your Profile into and see what you come up with. It’s a very telling way to check for keyword richness.

If you need help mastering your LinkedIn Profile, figuring out how to connect properly, as well as how to Engage on LInkedIn to create meaningful business, let’s talk. or 336-283-6121

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