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Top 5 Things needed to start a business – LinkedIn Original Article

There are many tools needed to create business success. These 5 tools are the most important for business success.

It takes far more than lots of money and an idea to create a thriving and successful business.

I originally published this article on LinkedIn – Read it here: Top 5 things needed to start any business

I decided to share this message with my readers after seeing the third blog article in a month telling readers that all they need to start a business is cash, an idea and a computer. One such article included anti-virus software as an important tool when starting a business. None of these articles included the truly important things needed to create a thriving and successful business.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet, work with and learn from lots of successful business men and women. These folks have showed me the 5 critical items needed to create successful and thriving businesses.

The list of critical items I will share with you can not be purchased. You must have them or create them yourself. You may be able to find people to help you with the items, but again, you can’t buy them.  Once you know you have these items you can get started building a successful and thriving business.

Here is the list of the most important things needed to create your thriving and successful business:

#1: Desire to do something bigger and better than what you are doing right now.

This desire must be focused on something rewarding, exciting, and beneficial to others and yourself.  Furthermore, this desire can not be to escape from your current situation. Desire to escape is a fleeting desire, because once your new situation becomes challenging, you’ll desire escaping it as well.

Desire must be real, honest and emotional. Your desire for something bigger and better must burn deep inside your soul.  You’ll know if it does, no one else can feel your desire. We can however see it in your actions and determination to succeed.

#2: Attitude that you can do what you set out to do, despite any and all perceived barriers.

Attitude is the fire you have in your heart that you know (or can learn) everything you need in order to create your thriving and successful business.

A positive and powerful attitude is fueled by you being proud of what you can do and what you are learning to do. Boldly professing out loud to yourself that you “will do this” is another important step towards building the right positive attitude.

You can only get others to truly help you build your thriving and successful business when they see your positive attitude and belief in yourself and your dream. Yes, you can hire people to do the necessary work, but getting people to help you because they believe as you do is far more successful.

#3: Passion is what keeps you going when nothing one else can.

Having passion for something new, different, exciting and rewarding is what gets us out of bed in the morning looking forward to all of the work, sweat, long hours, travel, challenges and even the nay-sayers who can’t see your dream coming together because they don’t have your Desire, Attitude & Passion.

Your passion must be for something of your choosing, not something someone else wants for you. Your passion can be influenced by input from others; however just like your desire, your passion must burn deep down inside of you.

#4: A broad, diverse and growing network is vital to your thriving and successful business. This network is where you find the resources, business partners, new ideas, service providers, customers and even employees needed to make your thriving and successful business.

This network must include people who are different than you; different cultures, societies, life styles, nationalities, religions, political views, interests, education, etc, etc. etc. This diversity is one of the most important aspects of a beneficial network.

Nurturing and building relationships in a broad and diverse network is how you find people who will respectfully challenge your ideas and help you discover new and better ideas that can make your business even more successful.

#5: A Business Plan is vital for any business to become a thriving and successful business. Regardless of the type of business, size of the business or your Desire, Attitude and Passion, you must have a plan.

Depending on the complexity of your business goals, your business plan does not need to be grandiose or cost ten’s of thousands of dollars to create.

Despite what many people tell you, a business plan is not for banks or venture capital folks. Your Business Plan is for you. It’s your blueprint of what processes, resources and funding you will need to create and run a thriving and successful business.

Building a strong and attainable business plan may take days or months of work. Your business plan must cover all areas of you business; Financial, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Hiring, Customer Service, Leadership, etc. Don’t try to build it all by yourself. Have it reviewed and even challenged by trusted friends and professionals.

Yes, I agree that with deep pockets and a dream you can start a business without all of these important things. However wouldn’t it be far more rewarding to build a thriving and successful business with your Desire, Attitude, Passion, trusting resources and from your own business plan?

Do you have what it really takes to create a thriving and successful business? 

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