Top 12 areas of LinkedIn Security and Privacy

There are over 50 sections in the LinkedIn Security and Privacy section. They all provide benefits, however there are 12 which I strongly recommend everyone adjust to fit their personal needs.

#12 – Two Step Verification – Protect your LinkedIn Account against hijackers by using your cell phone to verify your login to new devices.

#11 – Where you are logged in – View where you are currently logged in and as needed log out of the session.

#10 – Permitted Services – Manage what applications you have connected to your LinkedIn Account and remove those you don’t need or recall connecting.

#9 – Merge Accounts – For those who discover they have a lingering old LinkedIn Account that needs to be merged and then removed.

#8 – Advertising Settings – 14 unique settings worthy of reviewing in order to have some control over how LinkedIn shares your content and activity (in and out of the LinkedIn program).

#7 – Notifications – Review and manage what types of notifications you want or don’t want from 6 unique areas of LinkedIn.

#6 – Email Frequency – Review and manage the types of email messages you want from 9 unique areas of LinkedIn.

#5 – Who can see your Email Address – This is new as of 4/2018 – You can now hide your email address from everyone, or make it accessible to LinkedIn Members beyond your 1st level connections.

#4 – Viewers of this profile also viewed – Turn this off if you don’t want your prospects to see others you are relevant to when they view your LinkedIn Profile.

#3 – Edit your LinkedIn Public Profile – Customize your LinkedIn Profile URL and what people see when your LinkedIn Profile shows up in a search.

#2 – Manage your Active Status – LinkedIn shows other members when you are on LinkedIn as well as when using LinkedIn on Mobile.

#1 – Download your Data – Periodically download at least your LinkedIn Connections. however LinkedIn allows us to download all of our data we added to LinkedIn.

Bonus #1 – LinkedIn User Agreement – I recommend reviewing this document now and then so you understand it.

Bonus #2 – LinkedIn Privacy Policy –  I recommend reviewing this document periodically as well. Changes occur periodically.

These are my top 12 Privacy Settings and a few bonuses. Each of these I have reviewed and where relevant adjusted to fit my personal needs.

Have you reviewed the LinkedIn Security and Privacy Settings?

I encourage you to find time to do this.

If you need help mastering LinkedIn to grow your business or develop your career, maybe we need to talk.


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