Top 10 Ways to Engage on LinkedIn

Engagement is important when working to connect and build relationships. Otherwise, it’s just a business card collection activity.

Here is the second half of the list:

Top 10 Ways to Engage on LinkedIn

Part II

#6 – Send LinkedIn Messages to Members

One process I have is to Immediately Engage with my new LinkedIn Connections. Often I do this via LinkedIn Message, sometimes I choose to call them.

As well, when I see something going on with a connection either on LinkedIn (or outside), interesting information, content or something about their business, I’ll use this as an opportunity to Engage through LinkedIn Message if relevant and appropriate.

Be careful – I will not engage on a single LinkedIn message more than 3 times before I go IRL (in real life), move to the phone or in person.

#7 – Send LinkedIn Messages to Group Members

Many people miss out on the power of LinkedIn Groups. One benefit is the ability to send LinkedIn Messages to Group Members who are not 1st Level Connections. I will right click on a LinkedIn Member listing in a Group, open their profile in a new tab and review it. Then I go back to the LinkedIn Group member listing and send a message regarding their Profile, Business and/or content from hte Group we share.

An added bonus of being a Group Admin or Manager is listing Members by Date Added and sending personalized messages thanking the LinkedIn Member for joining the group and asking for any ideas of how to make the group better.

#8 – Tag Companies and Individuals in relevant Status Posts and comments

LinkedIn Status Posts and Timeline comments allow us to Tag our individual LinkedIn connections and all LinkedIn Companies when we Engage. This is a great way to alert our network when we are talking about them and/or their companies.

Be careful – you will only want to tag individuals and businesses in relevant and appropriate posts. Otherwise you risk damaging your relationship with your network.

#9 – Publicly thank your connections for relevant activities

When possible and appropriate, I use LinkedIn Status posts, Comments and Group Discussions to publicly thank individuals in my network for Endorsements, Comments, great Content, Recommendations and even help that they provide others and myself in my business and community activities. My network is important to me and when I can I like to publicly thank people for their assistance.

#10 – Contact a connection and turn the conversation IRL

I love to Engage on LinkedIn. Heck, I like to Engage on all of my social media sites. However, IRL trumps social media every single time. When I can I will look for a way to meet a LinkedIn connection or even call them on the phone. Some of the most rewarding conversations have started in LinkedIn and continued when we meet over coffee, sweet tea or “soda-30”.

Top 10 Ways to Engage on LinkedIn

This is a quick list and I’m sure it will change over time as LinkedIn continues to change. Maybe you have other ways that you Engage on LinkedIn, if so, please share your ideas here.


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