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Networking 111 – The Networking Trifecta

Here is the 11th Article I wrote for

by Teddy Burriss Social Networking Pro

In order for networking to be successful, it must include Group Networking,  One-on-one Networking & Social Networking.

Let’s explore the benefits of these three networking activities.

Group Networking can include groups like 336 Events, Chamber, Associations, Charitable and Civic Groups. Some of the benefits of group networking include: they are normally well structured, well publicized and attended. Group networking brings broad and diverse groups of people together. Some of the cons of group networking includes they are generally loud, crowded and often targets of bad networkers. Done well, group networking adds value to one-on-one and social networking.

One-on-one Networking is a powerful way to build relationships with the people in your network. One-on-one networking enables sharing ideas, learning about each other’s goals and business plans. One-on-one networking is where you determine the current relationship between each other’s businesses and services. The most beneficial result of one-on-one networking is that you learn how you can help each other. There is normally no negative result from one-on-one networking, unless you fail to focus on building relationships, or your networking partner pounces on you trying to sell you irrelevant products &/or services. Done well, one-on-one networking is the first big step of nurturing relationships for life, career, business and community.

Social Networking when used properly, can amplify the benefits of Group and One-on-one Networking. We all should know about the top four social networking sites, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, however there are dozens of other social networking sites that could integrate into an even more powerful social networking plan. The activities of social networking are very similar to group and one-on-one networking activities; connecting, starting relevant conversations and engaging on other relevant discussions, sharing ideas and learning about each other. When you use social networking, you nurture and expand your network relationships, increase your visibility and top of mind to others while also expanding the awareness of your products, services, talents and expertise. Social networking integrates well with group and one-on-one networking when you engage and share within social media groups and your individual social network connections. There are many positive benefits to using social networking, if you have a plan and commit to using the tools properly. The fear and risk of social networking can be mitigated if you “Never do, say or engage on social media in ways you don’t want to be seen, heard or perceived in life.”

The benefits of these three individual yet relevant networking activities can only be realized when you invest your time and focus on connecting, engaging and building mutually beneficial relationships. Using all three networking activities significantly amplifies the benefits of your networking for business, career, community and life. Try using the Networking Trifecta and let me know how it helps you.

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