TechKnow for Seniors

My Mission – To visit Seniors where they gather and help them overcome the risks and fears of using technology.

I will show up at:

  • CCRCs (Continuous Care Retirement Centers)
  • Independent Living Centers
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Local libraries
  • Local YMCAs
  • Local Community Centers (city/county venues)
  • Local Churches
  • Senior Centers (Davie, Forsyth, Guilford, Davidson, Stokes, Surry)
  • Community Centers
  • ??

I will bring conversations, not lectures, videos or slide deck presentations, all focused on the topics seniors say they want help with.

So far I have built the following list of topics:

  1. Protecting myself when using my smartphone.
  2. Using Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, and other Electronic Banking apps
  3. 10 ways to stay safe on social media.
  4. Should I buy stuff off of Facebook or from other online sites (Craigslist, etc).
  5. Should I play social media games?
  6. Using an Alexa or Smart Speaker.
  7. Using my Ring Doorbell.
  8. Using Telehealth Services. – Related to the CMS  Ruling- Resolving the Digital Readiness Gap. (need more research)
  9. How to use myNovant, MyWake health apps, etc.
  10. Should I be concerned with AI?
  11. Is it a Scam?, Romance Scams, Real Estate Scam
  12. Do I have to answer the phone?
  13. How do I turn off calls ringing my iPhone?
  14. Managing my passwords
  15. GPS on my smartphone – Waze, Google, or Apple Maps
  16. Using Siri
  17. Do I need to reply to that text message?
  18. Delete & Remove old Voice Mail Messages.
  19. Where is all of my important contact information?
  20. Why is it not my friend calling?
  21. Protecting your identity online.
  22. Blocking people who bother you online.
  23. Doing a Google Search on a mobile phone or tablet.
  24. What should I do with my online presence upon my death?
  25. Sending a text message to a friend.
  26. Using FaceTime to have conversations with loved ones.
  27. Using Zoom on a mobile phone.
  28. Who do I contact if I am a victim of Fraud?
  29. Will the IRS or other Govt agencies call me out of the blue?
  30. Sending an email message to a friend.
  31. Emailing your doctor, insurance agent, or banker.
  32. Watching a Netflix movie on a mobile phone.
  33. Enjoying a YouTube Video.
  34. Taking a video of your grandkids.
  35. Sending a picture or video to your niece or nephew.
  36. Listening to a podcast.
  37. Setting up a new mobile phone.
  38. Taking an online course from Ed2Go or Coursera.
  39. Buying the right thing for me.
  40. Listening to an audiobook.
  41. Staying aware of your friends and family through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms.
  42. Using your cell phone as an alarm clock or timer.
  43. Using your mobile phone Calendar.
  44. Checking your mobile phone security.
  45. Unsubscribing from email lists.
  46. Listening to a Voice Mail Message.
  47. Emptying out your Text Messages.
  48. Group messaging (email, Text, Facebook, etc.
  49. Bitcoin, is it for me or not? (Plus Bitcoin Scams)
  50. Don’t ignore problems with ourselves and our technology. Get it checked out and fixed.
  51. Keeping your network aware of your people, friends, family, etc.
  52. Group Email Messaging.
  53. Group Text Messaging.
  54. Can I find a job at 65+ years old? (they can’t see themselves doing)
  55. Reply using All or BCC.
  56. Ideas for reorganizing the mental filing cabinet to remote important stuff. (teach stacking)
  57. Is my home safe for me?
  58. Understanding credit bureaus
  59. Phishing scams. Email, phone, text, even in person.
  60. What is connected to my email address?
  61. Should I use my Apple Wallet?
  62. How to use Gmail efficiently.
  63. Cell Phone Storage & Capacity Management
  64. Add emergency contact option to Cell Phone
  65. Cell Phone App management
  66. Should I use Find My on my phone?
  67. What is Wire Fraud and do I need to worry about it?

I want to do this work with other businesses that also want to be in front of the same audience. My Partners could be:

  1. Medicare Advantage Insurance Companies
  2. Community Credit Unions
  3. Healthcare Services
  4. Continuous Care Retirement Communities
  5. Pharmacies and Medical Supply Stores
  6. Financial and Legal Services
  7. Mobility Aids and Home Safety Products
  8. Nutrition and Meal Delivery Services
  9. Technology Solutions
  10. Recreational and Educational Programs
  11. Cell Phone Companies
  12. At Adult Home Service

I am still building this program and want to have more conversations to keep growing the plan to create a sustainable program.

If you want a speaker or want to discuss being a partner, let’s talk –