DDI Certified

I had the honor of being selected by Forsyth Technical Community College to participate in a DDI Certified Facilitator class this March (2014).

It was nearly a full week of study, exercises, group sessions, practice facilitation, rinse & repeat.

There were six of us in the class from various community colleges across the state. We helped each other, laughed with each other and got to be friends during this class.

I packed my lunch (brown bag) for all three classes and spent at least 3 hours the first three nights studying and preparing my presentations for the following days.

The end result is that I now have six new great connections in community colleges around the state and I am a DDI Certified Facilitator and member of the DDI.

I can facilitate as many as 60 different courses from Development Dimensions International

Thanks Trish, Eddie, Larry, Patricia, Jackie & Sherri. I enjoyed our time together.