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My Word of the Year – 2021

My Word of the year for 2021 is Breathe.

The choice was sparked by numerous things that occurred in 2020 where I found breathing to be the most beneficial, if not the only appropriate action.

This included:

  • The Covid-19 Pandemic and all of the fear it created across the globe, including for me personally.
  • The 2020 Elections also caused me to think about breathing, the noun to the verb breathe.
  • Massive amounts of unemployment, financial crisis, including the impact all of this had on the stock market also caused me to use the word breathe.

Then I read the book Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor.  This really got me to think about the word breathe and how important it is in life, business, career, relationships, conflict resolution, negotiation and so many other aspects of life.

  • Breathe is a powerful tool that can resolve problems by fueling our minds for awesome thoughts and clearer perspectives.
  • Breathe can help us to listen better before responding, saving us from making mistakes caused by poor listening as we work to find quick responses.
  • Breathe flushes out the toxins created by negativity providing space for positivity.
  • Breathe allows our body to counter inner hate and allowing us clarity for the awesomeness of love.
  • Breathe heals the body from pain and illness.
  • Breathe is validation we are alive and a reminder to be grateful.
  • Breathe slowly is a style that enhances our lives and creates more happiness.
  • Breathe is the step needed to relax during conflict and periods of angst moving us towards resolution and a greater sense of calm.
  • Having our breath taken away by sights of wonderment, words of love & encouragement or immense happiness maximizes our lives.
  • When life throws us curve balls we don’t have control over, breathe is the only appropriate action.
  • Breathe is our most important life action. Never allow any other activity deter us from proper breathing.
  • When worry creeps into our minds, immediately take 10 breaths while influencing our mind to never worry about life situations we can’t correct or change.

It could be because I am sliding thru full adulthood, I’m realizing breath is not only a sustainer of life, but also the solution to so many things I’ve struggled with in the past. Regardless of why I am just now discovering this, I am grateful I have. Imagine if I had discovered the power of Breathe before I got to this stage of my life. I’m sure I could have handled life with much more grace and success.

Alas, I’m clearly a believer that “Take 10 slow & deep breathes” is the solution to so many problems.

In 2021 and beyond I am going to breathe more deliberately, especially when faced with challenges, or hard or grueling tasks. I will first breathe before attempting any other action.

I wish you long, steady, deep breathes in 2021 and beyond.

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Welcome to 2021. Breathe and enjoy.