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Stop Looking for a Job – LinkedIn Original Article

Stop looking for a job and instead, work hard to connect and engage in conversations. The hidden job market is ripe for those who are willing to do just a little more work.

Really, if you are in career transition, stop looking for a job now!

I originally published this article on LinkedIn – You can read it here – Stop Looking for a Job


It’s a unproductive activity that will, for the most part, wear out your apply finger and frustrate you and those around you.

Here are two reasons I want every person in career transition to stop looking for a job:

Reason #1 – There are so many more exciting and rewarding jobs in the hidden job market than there are posted online and in the newspapers.

You’ll never find them by searching for a job. Instead, these jobs are discovered by reaching out to your networks, making new connections and having open conversations with as many people as you can. We call this Networking. Done correctly, networking is the way you’ll make the right connection, get into the right discussion and discover a job you never imagined existed, let alone would become your next great career step.

Networking is not about looking for a job. As I said in the beginning, stop looking for a job, especially when you’re networking. Instead, work to make a meaningful connection with the people you meet, make the conversation all about them and they’ll eventually want to know more about you. At this point you will likely have permission to talk about your career transition journey and to ask them for some help. Don’t ask if they know about a job, instead ask who they know that you should meet next. Read the book Networking for Mutual Benefit if you want to learn more about networking to discover your next great career step.

Reason #2 – You don’t need a job. What you’re really looking for is revenue.

Am I correct? A paycheck, benefits, vacation time, sick leave, retirement funding and a place where you can bring value by helping others. If this is what you really want, the heck with the job.

Before you can create a source of revenue that can eliminate the need for a job, you have to figure out who you are and what you do that others may need or want. Don’t say you don’t have any skills, expertise or know something that others want to pay for (sell) – This is just an excuse to go back to applying for jobs. For your sake don’t do this.

Don’t jump at a quick and simple way of making money either. Work hard putting together a plan in order to be successful long term. Dig deep into your inner self, dream out loud, have open conversations with lots of people and explore ideas that you have never considered before. Don’t focus on riches, instead focus on happiness, personal and professional rewards and helping others.

One of the best ways to figure out what kind of business you should create is to network. Make meaningful connections with the people you meet, make the conversation all about them and they’ll eventually want to share ideas with you that can help you in your business ideas.

Once you come up with a plan that you truly believe can create revenue, put all of your energy into making it a reality. If the plan you come up with is something that you really love to do and are good at, you’ll work hard at it and eventually it will provide support for paychecks, benefits, vacation time, sick leave, retirement funding and be an enjoyable environment where you bring value by helping others.

A job is not the answer for everyone. Just as, not everyone can be successful with their own business.

Put some thought into who you are and what you do before you go any further. Then, once you have decided, “Who am I?” start talking with your networks, making new connections and having open conversations. You’ll either discover that hidden job or determine that you should start your own business.

Most importantly, stop looking for a job.

If you need help on this journey, let’s talk. As a Career Transition Coach, I will guide you through this process.

Visit BCI Career Coaching for more information.

Did you find your job or business opportunity by networking?

Please share your experiences in the comments below. 

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