Stop Celebrating Meeting Low Expectations

Set your expectations low and coast through your life. Set your expectations higher, push yourself to hit them and celebrate a more rewarding life.

I use LinkedIn because my boss told me to. I don’t understand it and furthermore, I don’t have the time to use it. I share all of the company page posts. She’s happy, therefore, I’m happy too.” Struggling Professional

I spent the last few weeks interviewing business professionals about their use of LinkedIn and discovered lots of interesting perspectives, including the disturbing statement above.

Unfortunately, this lady and her bosses are meeting their own low expectations.

Unfortunately, they are missing the point and the potential opportunities they could benefit from.

Just as with any other business tool;
Understanding the potential of the tool, how to use the tool and investing time using the tool is a requirement to get real value from the business tool.
In life, you should not be (just) meeting low expectations set by someone who does not understand the potential.
As a sales leader, you should take the lead on understanding the business tools your team uses and the potential business value of these tools. If LinkedIn is relevant to your industry, and it is in most B2B industries, then understanding the potential of LinkedIn for your sales team would be well worth the research time.
Having this knowledge will help you to then lead your sales team towards learning how to use LinkedIn and then to set more appropriate expectations using LinkedIn as a business tool.
I realized during these interviews that I also set my expectations too low in some cases because I don’t know the real potential of some of the tools I use, or should be using. I need to work on this.
Set your expectations based on knowledge and real potential. This applies to how your sales team is using LinkedIn as well.
Here is an offer – if you want to acquire some of this knowledge and discuss the real potential, let’s chat. I would love to help you better help your sales team.
Set your expectations higher with knowledge and training and then Celebrate real success when you hit beneficial expectations.

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