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Social Media Success Story – Amy Howell

Amy Howell Social Media Success Story – These social media success stories are examples of how people have connected, engaged and built relationships through social media that have created lots of different rewards and benefits for everyone involved.

“Engaging with Influence: How I met some of my most valued advisors, mentors & key business contacts through Twitter” Amy Howell

I collected social media success stories while writing the book “Success Using Social Media.”


Engaging with Influence: How I met some of my most valued advisors, mentors & key business contacts through Twitter

For me, Twitter is an awesome way to find and connect with key business contacts. I often tell my clients that it is more about finding the right kinds of people than it is broadcasting content. Content is important but it is the people you can meet that matters the most. One shining example is meeting Anne D. Gallaher who owns a PR firm in Harrisburg, PA. I found Anne on Twitter, started following her and talking to her. Fast forward 2 years and we have just collaborated to write and publish our new book, “Women In High Gear.” Now this doesn’t happen overnight but over time and some quality time spent together. Once you connect through the social channels, it’s important to connect in real life. Anne and I have become good friends and now business partners in our writing and speaking. Our book is just the product of our relationship and will allow us to expand and grow our business even further.

Another important connection is my friend Mark W. Schaefer–also someone I found on Twitter. When business took me to Knoxville in 2009, I called Mark on the phone and told him I was coming to his town and wanted to meet him. Since then, we have met in real life many times and have created a “virtual crew” of talent we can tap if needed. Really powerful and today’s way of cutting through clutter to get to what you are looking for. For me, Twitter has been a way for me to find people who add value to what I am doing for my clients.

When social media was new to most people (back in 2009) there weren’t many courses or experts to turn to in my home town of Memphis, TN. I knew running my PR firm that if I wanted to stay relevant and keep clients, I had to get in front of the social media sea change. In order to do that, I turned to Twitter to find people who could help me learn, grasp the important things and help me understand how social related to business. Twitter–I think–has become the trip wire for news. If something happens, you can see it on Twitter first. If you are in PR, that is hugely important.

A final example of an important connection through Twitter is my alliance with my legal and social media advisor, Glen D. Gilmore. Glen lives in New Jersey, is a lawyer and social media advocate and I also met him on Twitter. I started following him and decided to call him after concluding he would be someone with whom I’d want to have on my team. After a phone call and some in person meetings, we landed a project working together on social media compliance for an airline client of mine in Memphis. The project lasted for 2 years and since then, I have involved Glen in a number of other projects when appropriate. Like Anne and Mark, Glen has become one of my most valued resources. There is probably not one problem we couldn’t figure out how to solve working together.

Meeting these people through Twitter has literally changed my course of my business and my life. Geography limits us sometimes to the number of people we can meet. Social media helps break down these natural barriers to open a whole new world of contacts. What an incredible time we live in!

Amy Howell picture from her directly with permission to use

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