Recover LinkedIn Company Page

Does your LinkedIn Company Page Icon look like this:

Teddy Burriss saves LinkedIn Company Pages

Typically when your company page looks like this it’s because no one took the time to create a LinkedIn Company Page for your business and then, unfortunately, your employees started to connect to the page and your target audience started to follow it.

Imagine, every time they come to the page they see this:

Following this page is a useless action. However, they hit the Follow button in the hopes that one day you would decide to begin sharing ideas, knowledge, best practices, new philosophies and other information with them.

Having what some call as a Ghost LinkedIn Company Page is a huge lost opportunity for your business, for these reasons and more:

  • Your Employees have no real sense of community on LinkedIn. They can not proudly tell others on LinkedIn who they work for.
  • Your customers and prospects see your business as less than authentic on LinkedIn.
  • Just as with a LinkedIn Profile picture, a LinkedIn Company page that looks like this is less likely to be considered for anything.
  • Your target audience is likely moving on to your competitors.
  • Your target audience is seeking information, ideas, knowledge, and new perspectives and are not getting it from your LinkedIn Company page. They are seeking this information in other places.

Bluntly stated, not having a real LinkedIn Company page, that proudly presents your business brand, that your employees can be proud to connect to, that provides information for your target audience, is a huge missed opportunity.

Often I can recover Ghost LinkedIn Company Pages.

The first step is for me to determine if a LinkedIn Company Page is recoverable.

The fee for doing this work is $250 USD. I can turn this work around usually in less than 3 days.

Do you want my help to determine if your LinkedIn Company Page can be recovered and if so, do it for you?

After I recover your LinkedIn Company Page I can help you provide value for your customers, prospects and employees by building it out and helping you add content to your page.