Promote your Facebook Page to your Facebook Friends

When you Promote your Facebook Page to your Facebook Friends make sure you are doing it properly. Otherwise it won’t work and your friends won’t be happy about it.

Promote your Facebook Page to your Facebook Friends

We need to do this respectfully and politely, otherwise we’ll lose friends.

I get asked often for ideas of how to promote a Facebook Page. For most small businesses I am not a fan of pasting the Facebook Like Icon on everything we print and publish. This may work for some brick and mortar businesses and for businesses with highly engaging customers. However, this is not the norm.

For most small businesses pasting the Like Button all over everything just is not going to drive people to your Facebook Page.

There are three things you must first do in order to get people to visit and Like your Facebook Page.

#1 – Regularly publish TRUHE Content (Transparent, Relevant, Useful, Honest, Engaging/Exciting/Entertaining/Educational)

#2 – Focus your content on your audience and their needs, not your business and your business needs

#3 – Invite and encourage visitors to view and possibly Like Your Facebook Page.

This article will focus on the third step and specifically Promoting your Facebook Pate to your Facebook Friends.

How to Promote your Facebook Page to your Facebook Friends

Beyond paying Facebook for Boosted Posts and Promoting your Page, there are three rather easy ways to Promote your Facebook Page to your Facebook Friends.

Here are the Three tips:

Tip # 1

Use the People Panel on the left side of your Facebook Page home page.

When you use this option to invite your friends to Like your Facebook Page it’s important that you be very deliberate.

Do not invite all of your friends just because their name shows up in the list of invite options.

Look at each person and decide, would this Facebook Business Page be useful or interesting to this friend.

If the answer is yes, Invite them.

If the answer is no, move on down the list.

I recommend that you send out 5-10 of these invites every few days, no more.

Tip # 2

Share one of your Page Posts on your Personal Timeline and tag your Facebook Page in the post.

Use the Facebook Share function a recent Facebook Page post.

See the video – Sharing Content on Facebook

When you are writing the Editorial Section, use the “@” symbol and your Business Page Name to tag your business Page.

Use words to encourage the reader to visit your page and not just the content. Make it a warm invite.

Share a new post a few times a week, always tagging the Facebook Page name and writing an editorial asking for a view and a possible Like.

Tip # 3

Share your Business Page with your Friends

When you share your Facebook Business Page, decide where you are going to share it. Again, relevance is important.

You can share on your Timeline, on a Friend’s Timeline, in a Group, on another Facebook Page you manage as well as in an individual message to a Facebook Friend.  Again, be deliberate when you share anything on Facebook, even a preview/link to your business Facebook Page.

When you do share the page, again, tag your Facebook Page.

Use an interesting statement, quote and encourage your Facebook Friends to view the page and to”Like” it if they see value.

Share your Facebook Page to various places on Facebook, where relevant, a few times a month.

These three steps are how you get your page discovered and potentially create more page followers.

Extra Value – The YouTube Video

Here is the YouTube Video where I show you how to do this in more detail:

In summary, write good TRUHE® content and post regularly on your Facebook Page relevant to the audience you want to attract. Invite your friends by using the Invite button, Sharing a Facebook Page post and Share the Facebook Page to encourage your friends to discover your Facebook Page.

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It will get more difficult to get value out of Facebook Pages for small business folks Janet. Experiment & experience new ideas is the only way to find ways to increase the value. Happy New Year.

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