Pay attention to your websites

Wow, what a weekend. (9/7/18 & again on 9/14/18)

My websites all crashed in many different ways

I failed miserably by not having good backup systems in place. Go ahead, yell at me through the screen.

I failed miserably by not paying attention to all of my websites on a regular basis. Go ahead, yell at me through the screen.

My misery is hopefully an opportunity for you to be wiser than I was.

#1 – Make sure your websites are backed up routinely. Files, WP, uploads, database – everything. Get these back ups done outside of your hosting.

#2 – Check your passwords on your hosting, domain service and all of your websites. Use really strong passwords and if possible, include 2level authentication.

#3 – Visit all of your websites at least once a week. Login to the dashboards and look at your change logs. (Don’t ask me how, ask your hosting service)

I am not done cleaning up my mess, but at least, if this post goes public, I have my main site back up.


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