New Online Training Classes

Making my classes available globally using webinar companies who want to distribute my classes.

Teddy takes his classes online

One of my challenges is I can’t get to everyone across the globe with my training. So, I’ve created a relationship with two revenue sharing online training companies so I can get my classes to more people, and at a very low cost to my students.

My first online program started with As of today 3/27/17 I have three classes on Illumeo.  You can Illumeo classes for as low as $99 per year. They have a great selection of classes beyond my own.

My second online program is on As of today I have the same three classes on Skillshare.  Skillshare offers 1 month Free for any new members. You can take any of the classes on Skillshare, including all of mine, with your monthly membership.

I plan to build a complete set of classes regarding LinkedIn, Social Networking and Networking on Illumeo and Skillshare over the next year.

If you are interested in my classes, please check out these online solutions.

Let me know what you think.



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